my fb:!/eklipz.rivera Ive gathered a couple videos of when i first started till now to show you all that we all star...
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this is a quick tutorial on how to do running-man.
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29 Responses to “One Year Shuffle Timeline”

  1. Yvette Salas says:

    Huge Improvement c: Lovee it c: Mama’Eklipz KBC

  2. Marco Iniguez says:

    That one clip in the bathroom and the vid you made with Jesus you misse
    those! πŸ˜› lol nice though dude I like it!

  3. lol ohh yeaa haha i had it too but ehh :pp

  4. FuckTheHatersCuhh666 says:

    i like πŸ™‚ – cookie

  5. jesper164a says:

    you go to the C drive and right click and push Format, and there you have

  6. Adam Oscar DiMarco says:

    how do i delete this video from youtube??

  7. Giordano Silvestre says:

    name of song please?

  8. meishalaurafionax says:

    fucking heel i couldnt of said that anybetter, im ripping my hair out
    because i cant do it! arghh! so frustrating! and this is only the first
    step of shuffling!

  9. Logan Bellissimo says:

    oh my god thank you thats just what i needed because as ive been practicing
    for like 5 days i can get pretty fast but not full speed yet ill just keep
    doing homefully it gets better

  10. I think me and you are just both retards. I have been trying it for ages
    too and when I speed it up I look like im having a fit. And they don’t tell
    you what to do with your upperbody so it looks even worse.

  11. xAristaicx says:

    Have you ever jacked off before?

  12. im wearing socks πŸ˜€

  13. AAsshhllaann says:

    nice camera

  14. hardtylelover says:

    practice practice practice πŸ˜€ it is frustrating

  15. Aren’t you suppose to drag your foot back?

  16. n0tjustakidd says:

    hey, instead of hopping.. try to slide instead. its smoother and it looks
    better too.. just my opinion when i do running man,.

  17. Anthony Nguyen says:

    oO no comment

  18. one blur, two blur…

  19. Unpreparedg says:

    am i doing it wrong, lmaoz, everytimew i do it i move forward, but in this
    vid your staying in one place haha ami doing it wrong?

  20. Gerard McAlinden says:

    where u in a hurry

  21. Stephanie Martinez says:

    zomg im eternally greatfull to u!! i can finally shuffle now!! u taught me
    well!! ily ily ily ily!!!!! xoxooxoxoxoxo

  22. John Mcleister says:

    i want the song!

  23. lol

  24. Arturs Tols says:

    nice tut but next time narrate only over the vid, not when youre taking it.

  25. Lol.

  26. TheCha0sC0ntr0ller says:

    @MyEyesTellStories it is easy though πŸ˜€

  27. AussieHipHopLove says:

    What pixel are you?

  28. specialk arbatov says:

    haha, now i can see the video. u r pretty good. maybe we should have a lil
    competition together at school πŸ˜‰ well any way. good job. cya at school