Masif DJ's - Children (Steve Hill vs D10 Encore Mix) Trailer

Oper [DLM] - Shuffle in Model 357

Training at school dances model 357. edit: Oper [DLM] thx for watching Contact msn - icq - 438 800 182 vk - skype - oper [DLM]
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50 Responses to “Oper [DLM] first shuffle compilation”

  1. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    I mean di ko matandaan na sinabi ko to sayo. :O

  2. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    kailan kita inaway

  3. s3xWithZ0mbiez says:

    This guy is an amazing shuffler.

  4. SirUncleCid says:

    Less hoppy.

  5. ryansnation1 says:

    actually alrigth :)))))

  6. MCIShufflers says:

    As much as each shuffler has his own individual style, his RM is based off of MAS. It’s pretty different from Melbourne and Malaysian

  7. MrPilyangsweet says:

    wahaha 🙂

  8. OlgaKresnik says:

    Taena nyo nag aaway pa kayo dito ahahhaahhahaha

  9. MrPilyangsweet says:

    ulol ka cge ikaw na ulol…idol ko to!

  10. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    ulol xD

  11. MrDollegek says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! this is it

  12. MrPilyangsweet says:


  13. MrPilyangsweet says:


  14. oOTriggerOo says:

    totaly agree 🙂

  15. GhostsMayCry says:

    Thats what im saying. Yet, figuring he is wearing some HR Shirts, means he has seen some of HR Achicks vids. Wich tells me he then might of gotten inspired my Achik. Achik inspired me too. Yet i still havent been able to shuffle like him. and that makes me proud. The shuffle dance is hard to make a Unique dance. Since its really basic. A simple Runningman, while the shuffle trick and what not. But yes, you can call this Oper-Style. its all MelbShuffle anyways. ^^

  16. oOTriggerOo says:

    there is no shti called softstyle and stuff, its just a “youtube-phenomen” that made something like “softstyle” and shit to come up. HE IS DOING HIS OWN VERSION OF THE MELBSHUFFLE. so if u want to call it any style then it is oper-style. since it is he who came up with it.

  17. Karpeev73 says:

    @The19DaVe95 Malaysian Soft Style. Achik style… Malaysian Soft RM.

  18. Infinityanno says:

    Hey dude 🙂 you got great videos =) i really like them <3
    Check out my New Videos!
    TLD||pyh // German Shuffler

  19. Karpeev73 says:


  20. pornokeller007 says:

    better than achik^^

  21. PhiliPOKable says:

    Liquied 😉

  22. song brings back memories >:D

  23. FunnyRumel2 says:

    Liquid afaik

  24. TheReece90 says:

    better than achik style <3

  25. Bt2BreakSkn says:

    Fantastic spins mate!

  26. 774jonathan says:

    i love shuffle 😀 song Name please ? 🙂

  27. ownstyle

  28. 4hardstyleilive says:

    Whats the name of those shoes? 😛

  29. MrGusse0123 says:

    I think that’s easy.
    I wil call it something like the Walking man..

  30. newsk8jmoney says:

    best running man ever!!

  31. TheSantyClaws says:


  32. Apekop1230 says:

    owke. everybody his own style! i dance more australien style. but what you dance is sick to! i can learn alot of your dancing

  33. xXDexdorXx says:

    It´s not melb shuffle…more malay i would say :O

  34. BioHazardCorperation says:

    Songname: Karpe DM - Seize the Day, Thumb up so other can stop asking for it.

  35. Apekop1230 says:

    were did the 2step go to? and the t-step? 😛

  36. xHatsuharu says:

    Name of the song?

  37. andreasmh1 says:

    Song? :D

  38. gerrygho says:

    i love ur style very much !!

  39. TheMuffman07 says:

    sieze the day karpe dm

  40. TheMuffman07 says:

    sieze the day karpe dm

  41. keep going ^^

  42. What is your ICQ number

  43. NinjaChicken80 says:

    nice song, and nice dance^^!
    keep going ^^
    Check my channel and leave a comment and subscribe, please 😛


  44. wallacedavi1 says:

    song name? plz

  45. wallacedavi1 says:

    interesting dressing

  46. raissazcb says:

    a w e s o m e

  47. shadowthelilpimp526 says:

    Song name? 😀

  48. xXxGaaLaaxXx says:

    Perfet epic shuffling!!! keep it going.. only thing that i dont like is that you dont do t-step 🙂

  49. MRBonecodeVoodoo says:

    Cool : )

  50. R0FLST0MPIT says:

    Song: Karpe DM- Seize the Day