A very nice day for sure, but the meetup went to a splitup in the end xD The crew TTS The Toxic Shufflers) visited Oslo to join the meetup (some of the people in phats) The shuffle battle in the end of the video was just for crowd! Songlist after 7000++ views [RELEASED] First off all, sorry for the delay of the songs! Sa.Vee.Oh - Electro Bass Karpe-DM - This Is For You Kidd Kaos & Side E-Fect - I Found Music Luca Antolini - Rock ATB pres. Flanders - Behind Showtek - Own The Night feat. MC DV8 Dutch Master - 5 AM (Kodex RMX) Josh Lang - White Thing (Josh Lang Harder Mix) "I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS" Also, a big thanks to Pa0 (www.youtube.com who gave me some of these clips! Link to TheFexez's meetupvideo: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Oslo Shuffle Meetup 26.06.2011 [SONGLIST RELEASED!]”

  1. LifeStylezNL says:

    Nah CandyCre is lying.

    Its on Mars

  2. MarcoTheSuperman says:

    omg !! Diese weiten Hosen sehen so scheiße aus !! 😉

  3. I remember when shuffling was underground and unic but 2011 who comes and takes all the credit out of it, fucking LMFAO!

  4. ReturnOfDark says:

    When is the next meetup I need to be there 😀

  5. Shotcolor says:

    Meow was so funny!!

  6. GijsDesigns says:

    The one at 6:50 is beast.

  7. schatzmaus96 says:

    nice nice (:

  8. ziprixXx says:

    TTS er fra Bergen? BI eide no ofence 🙂

  9. mew159753 says:

    1.35 looks like Neville 🙂

  10. xSoulAngelsx says:

    ABOUT TIME D< GAWWDD ... time to have an eargasm

  11. CandyCre says:




  12. CandyCre says:

    it’s in the description right NOW! 😀

  13. ThePsycho117 says:

    C’mon It’s 8 874 now:(

  14. CordedGold says:

    All of you have such a SEXY shuffle.

  15. txostorro says:

    the name the of the sufflers of the 2 groups¿

  16. DreamShufflerZero says:

    Where’d you guys bought the phats? ^_^Nice shuffle !

  17. TheJadeX says:

    Kidd Kaos Side E Fect – I Found Music (1:58)
    Showtek – Own The Night feat MC DV8 (3:59)

    I lack many of the songs in this video but I had these 2
    full songlist please!!! T_T

  18. mrimpalaboy says:

    Woooh the guy in the red shirt has the same phats as me :3 !

  19. nichonx94 says:

    typical american, haha :p

  20. nibba12345 says:

    OMG love norway love shuffle its just a beast combination

  21. Sippin0nit says:

    that would be hard to judge they were both really good but i think the second half got it

  22. MegaLoverboy00 says:

    Nice form girls step it’s up just saying

  23. CandyCre says:

    argh, so fast ><, aight, I'll put the songlist in the description soon! 🙂

  24. songlist ?? :S

  25. MelanoDono says:

    View 7,184…where’s songlist? 😛