To all the people, people who gave me advise, subscribed me, did watch my videos &nd random people, i really dont care! just thanks to everyone who supported me. Also thanks to all the haters... haters are my fans you know ­čÖé but the time has came, this might be my last video so i made an compilation of all my old videos and one of my last which i found so you guys can remember the name. I started with the dance ''melbourne shuffle'' in Febuari 2008. The famous shufflers we all know like ''mikki'' ''row'' ''imzeh'' ''sacco'' ''rocky'' and and alot more! inspired me to shuffle.. and if i need to tell a crew which i liked the most it would be HSA - Hardstyle Addicts. Also thanks to those peoples. My nickname was the most of the time ''overdrive''. On a random day in the mid of year 2008 i thougt about a nickname with a friend. We called our self Overdrive & ThugZ. I also went to shuffle meetings at the netherlands - Amersfoort - Eindhoven and Antwerpen. Oh ya.. Antwerpen wasnt in holland but in Belgium :-). Thanks for the people who organise those meetings. Millie aka Onajlim was one of the finest shuffle meeting organisator. But people dont worry! I WILL NEVER STOP SHUFFLING AND I WILL STILL GO THE EVERY MEETING!. I also want to thanks all my subscribers, on this day ive got a ''337'' subscribers. thanx very much. In 2009 i also entried an dance competition called ''HeatWave Raving Gear Global Dance Competition'' Thanks to all the people who voted me there! further i dont ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Please comment or subscribe! It keeps my videos Alive!!! The Best Of Shufflers From Around The World, That Are My Favorite On Youtube Mashed Up In The Best Of Hardstyle!!ENJOY!!!! =D And Never Stop Shuffling! Track list: Ivan Carsten - Amazing Combination (Original Mix) Francesco Zeta - Fairyland DJ Activator - June D-Mind - The Rising Sun (Original Mix) Headhunterz - DigiFreak (Dj ResQ Remixed Mashup)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Overdrive’s Last Melbourne Shuffle Highlights”

  1. gracepewf says:

    this is´╗┐ amazing

  2. mrdwarfclan says:

    @CmonCmon91 is he dead cause if he is he shuffling in his´╗┐ grave

  3. mrdwarfclan says:

    get shuffle´╗┐ pants they look awsome

  4. kamalanicombis says:

    hooo i´╗┐ like to shallin me my name Xxwolf.bladexX im in hawaii

  5. BlackCrusadeClan says:

    good´╗┐ bye…..

  6. jedoah112 says:

    over de grond´╗┐ glijden

  7. MrNickHardstyle says:

    Epic shuffle nice ^_^

  8. alonsoboy3 says:

    @Rotitje gewoon het wa´╗┐ rond gelope kijke

  9. snickerzftw says:

    look at´╗┐ joleogsko he rocks !

  10. aTrueBelgian says:

    honest i have ssen better video s of u from other people´╗┐ for some reason? oh well that was some great shuffling keep it up

  11. HighlandSkater says:

    get outta´╗┐ here fukkin germans

  12. …´╗┐

  13. MrBubbateddy says:

    ya man u´╗┐ can shuffle fuck yeah

  14. HFSFriend says:

    oh i was looking at the heatwave´╗┐ thing and commented on this one by some chance. ur great in both style ­čśÇ that one was probably a old one eh

  15. HFSFriend says:

    hardstyle suits u better´╗┐ mate ­čśÇ

  16. alonsoboy3 says:

    ge kent beter engels´╗┐ op video’s dan bij willie

  17. mega supa dupa awesome´╗┐ man ;D
    kvind echt uber nice ! ;o

  18. CmonCmon91 says:

    R.I.P´╗┐ glenick13

  19. mrpocketquad says:

    eej´╗┐ nikka krentebol?

  20. gewoon van clips te kijke?
    ik heb t eens probeert, van tutorials´╗┐ ofzo, maar dat is fcking lastig gast…

  21. ja youtube man hhaha´╗┐

  22. wahow man-
    dikke shit!
    ik hou van shufflen, tenminste, het´╗┐ te kijken, ik doe het je geen stap na :3, maar wel dikke respect man!
    waar heb je t geleerd?

  23. y would yuh quit ur tha man ! :D´╗┐

  24. MoreScorex says:

    Sven :D´╗┐

  25. hahaha´╗┐ en wie ben je dan

  26. ChazzterGaming says:

    HMD/J.STORM and´╗┐ HMD/KING are my favorites

  27. HeartlessGreenEyes says:


  28. HaloRulez2323 says:

    @DylanBEP I loved Your setting… Your Feet in the baseball field´╗┐ was a great idea… I Thought your feet were smoking XD too epic :D!

  29. very niceI like it :)´╗┐ check out my video if you have a few minutes spare!!

  30. nice video man ­čśÇ

    thanks for put me in !



  31. D7Double7B says:

    FUUUUCK That’s great xD´╗┐ ^^

  32. HaloRulez2323 says:

    @asiris13 Ivan Carsten – Amazing Combination (Original Mix)´╗┐

  33. song no1´╗┐ please

  34. HaloRulez2323 says:

    @denisbarinovx No problem, I only put in the best of the best!! And your style is amazing,´╗┐ Hope to see your new stuff bro, keep on shufflin!!

  35. denisbarinovx says:

    Awesomeness! The first shuffler is just´╗┐ wicked! And thanks a lot for putting me in =) Really appreciate it!
    ~ FoLm

  36. DoomSayerxxXx says:


  37. DjSpeedKiba says:


  38. DjSpeedKiba says:

    @HardstepTijuana´╗┐ X3 lol kk

  39. HardstepTijuana says:

    @DjSpeedKiba pure shuffle yeah o yeah shuffle aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE HARDSTYLE MUSICA Y I´╗┐ LOVE MELBSHUFFLE THE OF THE BEST SIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  40. HardstepTijuana says:

    si cobn todoel shuffle arrazando con to2´╗┐ los putos que se metan con este hermoso y harddance

  41. carlosfaridful says:

    con q programa edito me lo podia´╗┐ pasar

  42. orly?´╗┐

  43. 6l9mysterio says:

    This…needs way more views´╗┐

  44. taffyman13 says:

    this video is the shit!! ­čśÇ

    brings´╗┐ back the times of hardstyle!! ­čÖé

    keep this shit going! XD

    love the songs!!

  45. luv the Mix of´╗┐ Stylez….it brings Shuffling back Alive…like if it’s barely new…

  46. Sickkkkk styleeeeeeeeee´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  47. DjSpeedKiba says:

    AWESOME VIDEO!!! Rarely do I see a good shuffle video in HD!! you have a subscriber ! =D´╗┐

  48. nice´╗┐ ^^

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