Some mix of Overload and It's A Dream from Ganjaguru, Dont forget to subscribe.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Overload Vs. It’s a Dream – Ganjaguru”

  1. H1TmarkerFD says:

    Luv the TECH

  2. adidam1706 says:

    thumbs up if you came here from shuffle vs tectonic

  3. medal537 says:

    W chuj pro

  4. Absolutly love this track

  5. murder00redrum says:

    I liked the chill beats of overload alot better =D

  6. ikmarok says:

    huh? isn’t that showtek expansion?

  7. AlphaEckoNiner9ner says:

    its a hit.

  8. HardToxicBass says:

    haha naw, they just combined to songs by ganjaguru

  9. M1Nikita says:

    nice XD

  10. DeepInAnotherWorld says:

    it’s adream is a group ¿?

  11. carteur1 says:

    j’ador ^^ on arive bien a dancer le melboune dessu ^^

  12. shufflek3rw says:

    I loVE the SoNg OvErLoRd It sIcK Yo 😛

  13. g0tn00bsyb00bsy says:

    really awesome song!!!

  14. TheBgenS says:

    checkout my remix of the song “it´s a Dream” (ganjaguru), really good

  15. kickurasss says:

    nice mix..

  16. necrorandy666 says:


  17. necrorandy666 says:


  18. Datguy594Rada says:

    o hell yea!
    It’s a Dream owned Overload

  19. tkieromuxxo says:


  20. makerofporn says:

    after 1:30 it gets soo much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. xzNeoNzx says:

    LOl Hardstyle Junkeyz??
    My name??

  22. thesundman91 says:

    awesome music

  23. Blackdragon010 says:

    You could find an online You Tube video down-loader and download the video the use an FLV audio extractor. That’s what I do XD. but shh don’t tell anyone………

  24. threex1 says:

    go to google and dl the vdownloader and you can have this mix and the audio of any other youtube vid

  25. Lewisit says:

    nothing, its a remix, but you can search for the two originals

  26. Treyst123 says:

    This is Gay my frand 😀 hi livs in Latvia 😀

  27. supershavely says:

    need to make a spinning tutorial my spins are shit!

  28. luukasboii says:

    really, one of the top 3 shufflers i’ve ever seen

  29. JumPInfectioN says:

    aw man HDM would meet there alot

  30. RNrullez says:


  31. TechnoFreak1047 says:

    @Landyachtz12 2 best enemies phases( tby romantic mix)

  32. Becksss89 says:

    Did he sold his soul to the devil to shuffle this good?

  33. alexzandro1 says:



  34. Landyachtz12 says:

    First song ?

  35. whats the name of the song

  36. kawa1spaz says:


  37. hey one question ..

    where do you get you phat pant ?

  38. cupotexas says:

    A4  v7

  39. exotic132 says:

    Keep moving m8(;!
    wild spins(;

  40. aTrueBelgian says:

    check out my spin tutorial its pretty helpful even though i made it a long time ago :L

  41. PrettyLilRaveGirls says:

    omfg! epic shuffle! XD HELLA LEGIT. me and my friend are like beginners were noobs i guess but whatever we shall keep practicing. :]

  42. judo20111 says:


  43. cammanderch says:

    wow….my god ^^

  44. TheIrishVegetarian says:

    Dude. Your shuffle is amazing. You’re fluent as hell, you perfectly match the beat, your spins are kickass, and you slide like you’re in socks. 10/10 bro. Amazing~

  45. SuperShanice16 says:

    man your shoes look so comfortable! btw can you tell what shoes your wearing? btw nice songs, spins, and 5 stars man. Once i seen this video it got me into shuffling. You are by far the best i’ve seen!

  46. no es perfecto pero esta de ptm!!!!!!! gd!!!!!

  47. aTrueBelgian says:

    oh yea and by the way i made a top 10 shuffle compilation and your it in it 🙂

  48. RNrullez says:

    there is not the socks, my boots are very lazed with my pants bro 😉

  49. aTrueBelgian says:

    hey uh r u wearing socks in this vid on the first part with phases i know your probably not gonna anwser but w/e btw one the best shuffles i have ever seen

  50. TheIrishVegetarian says:

    God damn i dont even know where these hates even come from… Dude, you’re an AMAZING shuffler with EPIC phatts. Haha nice job bro.