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25 Responses to “Pae Sarah green screen shuffle.rv”

  1. StreatPL says:

    If Pae quit making videos with Sarah, he would be finally appreciated in top comments because he’s a freakin shuffle beast xP

  2. jjsan27 says:

    lol yea i know. If u see my 2nd to last vid, that was probably me at my best. Tho with college+work i barely have any extra time/energy to practice now. lol I’ll probably get into it later though.

  3. wahlaonousernameone says:

    sarah’s weight shifting is amazing.

  4. Dome98Otaku says:

    There are better shufflers

  5. SpectralViral says:

    depends on how much you, yourself, put in the time and effort. I suck but I try all of the time to be as good as they are. Just keep practicing.

  6. MIKIVVBB says:

    u can download clip of shuffle tut hire 🙂

  7. jjsan27 says:

    i wonder how much months of practice it takes to have rm smooth as pae’s.

  8. TheK010 says:

    you guys and sarah xD pae is a very good shuffler and sarah too…. but together they are best !!! so video starts at 0:00 😛

  9. Make that 2 XD

  10. myloveandkisses says:

    hi! What is the name of this song??? It’s very good!!!! I want to make shuffle but i’m starting :(((((((
    This song is so good to make SHUFFLE!!!!!
    Tell me the name please 🙂

  11. 2that2guy2 says:

    nah don’t say that

    check out bigmilan and by the way i thought I was the only one in kansas who listened to it, but belive me was I wrong!

  12. She makes it look so easy but it’s not! Well for me at least :'(

  13. Alexyz6 says:

    1:31 sarah 🙂

  14. Plex539 says:

    he is way better

  15. LittleGHPro says:

    I’m the onlyone in switzerland

  16. gamejunky420 says:

    you obviously dont go to raves. headhunterz came to md and i saw plenty shufflers, including myself. check the vids

  17. Sess369 says:

    thats how i felt in new york. I learned how to shuffle off the internet, and never met anyone that shuffled.

  18. HFIntegrale says:

    – I’m the ONLY one in Maryland…!

  19. OmfgItsLogan1 says:

    Shit, I’m movin to florida. I’m the only girl.. in fact person.. in my town that knows how to shuffle(kinda… still learnin) but havin no one else to help me is hard.

  20. we all started that way 😉

  21. Nettaiya87 says:

    Where do people get these videos that they are on so many different peoples channels/profiles? Where are Pae & Sarah and why arn’t they posting these themselves?

  22. roflcoptermobiliobil says:

    thats not true at all… i learned from the interwebs, and know several hardstyle shufflers in florida

  23. RiceGoingHard says:

    You can learn from the internet, just look up lots of tutorials to get an idea on where to start and then just practice all the fucking time ^_^!

  24. EyWasGayt says:

    1..2..Attacke: HAKKE HAKKE HAKKE!!! 😀

  25. armyman1411 says:

    i find german hakke are better