Pae & Sarah Shuffle Duo Edit

My edited version of LEN's original Pae & Sarah Duo Shuffle Video Clip.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kicking it with a friend and just listing a bunch of shuffle moves. Lots of time i've been asked to compile a list of all possible moves.... well... this will do lol. there are MANY that you could do, but look around for yourself. these would be the most essential ones probably.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Pae & Sarah Shuffle Duo Edit”

  1. YourOwnFreestyle says:

    Awsome tutorial about shuffling.


  2. Scoubidou2505 says:

    this is the best shuffle of the world.;D

  3. singed46 says:

    viktor? lol….

  4. PoopyThumb says:

    the skateboarding part ruined it

  5. dEsTiNy3HaCkEr says:

    simply awesome couple

  6. Charbyzic says:

    TG - Do You Wanna Baloon

  7. xXaburrioconpatoXx says:

    @taylors337 Showtek – FTS (fuck the system)

  8. 2110kirk says:

    wat is this i could see the red bar O.o

  9. kurokaka45 says:

    OMG how do you shuffle so smoothly??

  10. DitaVonMarilyn says:

    @taylors337 Do you Wanna Balloon – Trance Generators 🙂

  11. taylors337 says:

    @spencetube89 Tanks:)

  12. MissFixieFreak says:

    pae dan sarah terbaikkk!!!!

  13. spencetube89 says:

    @taylors337 do you want a balloon – trance generators

  14. MrDigger4life says:

    wie heisst denn der Titel überhaupt??

  15. Storix100 says:

    Sarah jest mega <3 <3

  16. drowzydrumbum says:

    @redmant696 What if the dudes name was Sarah??

  17. ikmoetvandaagPUNTNL says:

    Dahm skillz.

  18. CallAnAmberLampsLOL1 says:

    they invited the shuffle dance

  19. sissilkiss says:

    Super geil xD

  20. ExactDarkness51 says:

    its obvious that they are experienced trippers as well lol fuck yeah

  21. wowkid54 says:

    @pillfreek69 “do you want a balloon?” by trance generators

  22. anika810 says:

    song please . thanks.:)

  23. david1907199 says:

    vcs sao de mais

  24. pillfreek69 says:

    what song is this

  25. josh333rus says:

    thx <3

  26. Hollisterr755 says:

    can u teach me how to do the moves yu wer doing in 3:34?../: that is hard

  27. Xxglover99xX says:

    Nice shoes

  28. RiotKlown88 says:

    dude omfg thank u this helped me so much!!!!!!!!!

  29. swaggdaddy798 says:

    don’t touch my car…….ill fuck you up lol xD

  30. koopatroopa96 says:

    Hey how do you do that cool gliding at 3:32?

  31. MiMiBETCH1 says:

    too much talk to skip 1:52

  32. unavoidable22 says:

    Ugh this shit is annoying To skip this shit just go to dis>>>>> 1:32

  33. jackblackisnotevenbl says:

    lmaoo “dont touch my car i’ll fuck you up”

  34. dave29427 says:

    Man merkt das ihr Deutsch seid xD

  35. TechnoRaver39 says:

    what is that thing called at 3:38?

  36. theonlyeviltwin93 says:

    u spent 1 minute and 50 seconds talking…..shut up and shuffle >=)

  37. MegaCowboysfan123 says:

    Thumbs up if u want to bang kim kardashian xD

  38. unavoidable22 says:

    If you dont want him to waist your time use this :DD 1:50

  39. im listening quite Clearly but staring at your crotch is another story….

  40. Missappletoffee says:

    haha is it wrong that i wasnt looking at his feet O. e

  41. monkeymakr1 says:

    4:26 kawai sou desu …cute isint it why is he adding japanese lol

  42. mindunddi says:


  43. Naxxrams says:


  44. MrEtienneXd says:

    @BigMilan dont they cal that jerking

  45. Natixoxo13 says:

    Thank you so much!! I only knew the Running Man and T step and now i know alot more cool moves I can do while i practice my shuffling thanks 🙂

  46. m2Avideoz011 says:

    The 8 people who disliked this video can’t shuffle to save their lives d:

  47. thrasherpunk28 says:

    its michael bispingg hahah jk

  48. tiggerthejerk says:

    haha he rockn jordans lol

  49. FR05t828 says:

    sorry about the car hhaha