shuffle at pantai teluk kalong....HCJ n HSN.........kemaman,kemaman trg!.......................anix!
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My favourite shuffle songs.
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27 Responses to “Perf0rm m0nica bay…..kemaman shuffle……anix!”

  1. FaizaltheMuslim says:

    ok lah ni…

  2. irfanramlee1998 says:

    di pantai telok mok nik

  3. ANIQJOKER says:

    hoho…bijok ape nye….cm noob je sek2 ni…haha

  4. haha. dok kabo ade video .
    bijok ah sek2 mu shuffle .
    tabik ah. haha


  5. ANIQJOKER says:

    huhu….spomtang je 2…..

  6. xblackmambax24 says:

    nice mix

  7. sonicfan112 says:

    i still like it ^^

  8. comedyguy09 says:

    i prefer electro x33

  9. ISMAIL2088 says:

    hey all the song you take it from melbourne shuffle comp right?

  10. OmgItzPhillip says:

    @3natej Can you read? o.O

  11. @JerryX741 well type in mediafire and then the song off google and download it

  12. whats first song

  13. designerFireflies says:

    @JerryX741 limewire

  14. halveAss says:

    dude wheres the shotek

  15. foosemonkey says:

    The one from techno done is– If i say stop by citizen

  16. croboxer4lyf says:

    6. rockk onn fuk dats mad songg

  17. longshot14 says:


  18. JerryX741 says:

    where can i go to download these songs

  19. SniperWolf69oc says:

    doooood!!! no4# is my fav too!!! go war machine!! good taste in music man.

  20. longshot14 says:

    Yeah bro been thinkin about it, I still love the hardstyle.

  21. HardStyleZTrancE says:

    SWEET AS but u shud make an update vid ^^

  22. SLIMDOG4000 says:

    DUDE NUMBER 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. rahulcoco says:

    im beached as … lol nice work… awsome choice in songs.

  24. theboardwolfeman says:

    sweet man

  25. Froogleplex says:

    BEACHED AS!!!! BRU!! hahaha

  26. OblivionSRX says:

    awsome thnx man

  27. vidswatched says: