Perth Shuffle Meetup! Shufflers Include \DoB// Caz Andii Marzy Clayton Rossco Ash Saunderz Wazi Boki Lewi -------- HSN// Checkerz -------- Litton -------- Hazard -------- Hardstyle Sabotage =====COPYRIGHT TERMS===== We do not own, produce or benefit from any of the music in this video. The music in this video was legally purchased and is not for the sale of others. All rights and reserves go to the artists and producers of this music.
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Shuffling on christmas. Song List: 1.Dash Berlin - Till the sky falls down 2. Daft Punk - One more time i do not own these songs in anyway.

50 Responses to “Perth Shuffle Meetup”

  1. Imhungryhm says:

    well im english and well i liked it xD

  2. holysoks1 says:

    @X1BADJACKX You’re a spastic and embarrassing to your country.

    Please be quiet :3

  3. holysoks1 says:

    @liambodyboards4life LMFAO

    Yeah man, dancing ruins the city man.

    Fuck you’re a dick head.

  4. @XTSMedikated lol

  5. DrummerOfImmortality says:

    @1sseeaann1 I Would To Battle With You One Day

  6. Thesmashinu says:

    its because its the only real place thats got good ground to shuffle on

  7. liambodyboards4life says:

    bunch of pussys who ruin perth city u fukin faggets

  8. masterkiter89 says:

    @X1BADJACKX – suuuure sure i forgot, you americans are the inventers of everything!!! sorry sorry my bad my bad

  9. X1BADJACKX says:

    @masterkiter89 Sure buddy call me yankee tell me fuck off but the truth is you guys bite off our style. 9 times out of ten we create the next style, dance, or fashion, and you fuckers bite. This is just a poor excuse for DANCING or something you fuckers hack off and call original. so FUCKKKKK YOUUUUUUU AUSSIE!!!!! NOT ALL JUST THIS GUY IN GENERAL

  10. nestorow12 says:

    @albadow Or you could listen to metal while on drugs and then start to dance. Is kinda fun

  11. humvee600 says:

    song at 2:26 is called scrubs by DJ Gius

  12. Himlagglol says:

    @1sseeaann1 nice one but thats not recomended

  13. Go listen to some metal and stop dancing like you are on drugs

  14. masterkiter89 says:

    @X1BADJACKX – fuck up yankee, as usual you americans have to kill sum only because you dont have it or “CAN’T DO IT”!!!! — IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN DONT CLICK ON THE VID!!!

    btw. rock on aussies and fuck off yankee

  15. is it just me or does the second solo kid look like nick jonas

  16. EvilBrothersChannel says:

    check out my hardstyle video in my channel i know u will like it πŸ˜€

  17. X1BADJACKX says:


  18. where can i get phats in perth?

  19. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    william πŸ™‚

  20. inlinevoid says:

    What’s the point of a shuffle meetup outside of a building? Doesn’t seem like much fun, if anything you guys should have meetups at raves.

  21. i dont like how that dudes shuffle but the girl is nice !!!!

  22. Tydyekytes says:

    lolz i actually hardstyle just as Litton does xD HE BE MAH TWIIIIN! XD I’ll post a vid soon πŸ˜‰

  23. humvee600 says:

    @1sseeaann1, plz do so, cuz we dont need ur fuckin stupidity in this world

  24. pourch911 says:

    can any1 tell me were to get cheap phats

  25. playlist? anyone? πŸ™‚

  26. ODTheRipper says:

    fuck yeah cool video
    make more bro
    stay up!

  27. lmfao! hahahahha hes moonin the camera

  28. nice broo *-*
    If you can, watch my new video

  29. nice broo *-*
    If you can, watch my new video

  30. InFeKtEdHaRdStYLe says:

    @nadskap2 not exactly. if u want to shuffle slow then sure go right on ahead, but hardstyle and hardtrance arent only those for stomping styles or oldschool, its also for the revolutionized style, and thats what squeaks is doing, just at a slower pace and needed that type of beat to keep in time

  31. @InFeKtEdHaRdStYLe may i please get to know why? its all about your style…

    Hardstyle is for the ones with a hard style and so is hardtrance.

  32. bbymarie32 says:

    dang that studder with the moonwalk was legit

  33. Squeaks0420 says:

    @InFeKtEdHaRdStYLe … watch my other vids

  34. InFeKtEdHaRdStYLe says:

    plz shuffle to hardstyle or hardtrance, not daft punk -_- but other than that keep it up

  35. normita77loca says:

    faded just got done smoking a joint

  36. Squeaks0420 says:

    @Squeaks0420 dopped?

  37. normita77loca says:

    were u doped out?????

  38. Can’t Stop Watching This I Like your Style πŸ˜€

  39. Damn Your Sick <3 No Homo πŸ™‚

  40. tehrealsoadfan says:

    1:02 That wall almost didn’t see you. :p

  41. stevengeeh says:

    u must be in shape dogg….a minute of shuffling nd im coughin up a lung!! lol

  42. crystalstankisfull says:

    omgg omg, 0:29 :DD

  43. Squeaks0420 says:

    @normita77loca yup yup

  44. normita77loca says:


  45. bigmamanena says:

    damn brooo your real goood!

  46. Pretty Good .

  47. watch?v=adJ39GAJc1I comment!!!!

  48. ninjaturtles1313 says:

    fawkk to date this is the best shuffleing video ever

  49. normita77loca says:

    nice i can watch that a million times and still not get sick of it and i saw the bong πŸ™‚

  50. haiimgroovy says:

    haha i love the guy peeking out the back haha >.< but sweeeeeet shuflle keepp it up and keep it high ma nigga ganja! <33 - groovy