well Kizza found a new spot for meet ups 😛 so we decided to brake the spot in with a meetup Yay!! :D\ subscribe for more vids to come!! Disclaimer! I do not own any of these songs. songlist in order: Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax (Benny Hill Theme) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Raindropz Edit)Daft Punk A Neverending Dream (Deepforces Remix)Cascada Hardstyle Mafia Vs. Freakshow - Good Night Bliss Vs CPU Vs Painkiller - South Park Your Soul-Amplify Pompanick - fucking sound (original mix) Headhunterz vs Wildstylez - Blame It On The Muzic Triumph-CARSTEN, Ivan X Marks The Spot-Harstyle mafia Keep The Rhythm- the R3bels Brennan Heart - Face The Enemy All I Want- Amplify Now is the Time- Dj Luna Dark Angel- Blutonium boy DJ Pulse VS. Eminem - Where Ever You Go Vs. Superman Blutonium Boy- acid over dose 99.9- organ donors faith in your Dj-Brennan Heart
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26 Responses to “Perth Shuffle Meetup 2010”

  1. totalyRANDOMstuff says:

    u know what? Fuck you guys! Ive been practicing for nearly a year now and Im still not as good as some of yous, GOD DAMIT!!!!… I wonder if ill ever actualy get to meet you people…

  2. LeonMcEniery says:

    wiat i watched the rest of the vid …. blah looks soo funny xD

  3. LeonMcEniery says:


  4. DHSperth says:

    hey guys me and ma mates were wondering when you guys hold this is it like every month or what inbox us 🙂 thnx guys btw were BLAHS mates

  5. DHSperth says:

    hey guys me and ma mates were wondering when you guys hold this is it like every month or what inbox us 🙂 thnx guys

  6. Milkmanbag says:

    is it me or does jumpstyle look like people playing invisible hacky sack?

  7. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    i making money through it now

  8. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    dude.. watch my new vid this was ova a year ago. well show you how to shuffle

  9. theodoratheexplora says:

    if u live in perth im comming in march ill show ya how to shuffle

  10. M40A3VaLkYrN says:

    @theodoratheexplora I dont see any vids of you doing better so dont talk shit fag.

  11. M40A3VaLkYrN says:

    @ 2:16 Backround sex? wtf :O

  12. theodoratheexplora says:

    lurn to shuffle holy shit ur bad

  13. UdieNoobzors says:

    2:52 through 2:55 LOL

  14. TheWaffleShuffler says:

    like first guy for last trickis pretty trippy 🙂

  15. Backburner96 says:

    THAT GUY WITH THE HEADPHONES WAS ROCKING MOONBOOTS!! hahaha so dope dude hahaha and whats on the spot rocking??? i slide alot…

  16. arbiter03 says:

    lol @4:42 *kicks can back* ooh a can!

  17. arbiter03 says:

    chewys hair is awesomesauce! btw liked the breif displays of parkour in the video lol

  18. nic4real says:

    kiz song list bro xD especially 2.30 coz that songs stuck in my head same with beautiful lies -.-

  19. Kiz4ndC4L says:

    used to be its just kiz now

  20. xXDamienXx1 says:

    R u kizza

  21. xXDamienXx1 says:

    where do u get dem trousers

  22. xXDamienXx1 says:

    @basscreator111 i no

  23. xXDamienXx1 says:

    2:11 is funny (left side) ps urall amazing

  24. Shelbzzish says:

    can i have the song list please?
    oh btw….pree sick stuff you got right there 🙂

  25. OMG! Part 4:38 loked soo cool!!

  26. Seen and Heard says:

    We are looking for someone to teach young people to shuffle in Eastern suburbs of Perth. Anyone know of someone who can help? We will pay?????????????