Melbourne Shuffle! Best scenes from german shuffler PhiLLoW cut together. Watch in high quality and till end for insane bonus action! Frontliner - Muzyk (edited by me) DJ Yanny - Rhythm is a Bass
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This one of my top 10 videos. You may show some old video on some shuffler. But this just doesn't denied me for putting them in my TOP 10 list. Awesome! RATE& COMMENT PLEASE! Thanks! Stay Tuned for more compilation soon. =) Shuffler in order: Rockett Hanhbui Mikki Jniex Francis Siera Daniel Malin P/S: No doubt they are one of the all-time best shuffler in my opinion. No offense.

50 Responses to “PhiLLoW Hardstyle Lover”

  1. xL3M0NZzx says:

    trotzdem kannst du gut tanzen *_____*

  2. @xL3M0NZzx yoooo is geschmackssache ;>

  3. xL3M0NZzx says:

    ich mag die hosen net o;! die sehen so kake aus ;x

  4. @HardShuffleMANIAKS thanks mate =)

  5. HardShuffleMANIAKS says:

    haah Big improvent bro i must say

  6. ReanDavid says:

    Wieder einmal ein groรŸartiges Werk deiner Seits, du tanzt einfach spitze *hut ab* Mach weiter so ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. @frankfurt92 1:48 ist auf der Q-Base 2008 und danach das ist in Kiel am Wasser

  8. frankfurt92 says:

    1:48 wo isn das ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. PvPGangsterElite says:

    Mal ehrlich ich liebe dein Style Und dein musik geschmack *-* ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. franz3223 says:

    phillow wie viele phatties has du eigentlich oO

  11. demonburnout25 says:


  12. th3DarkJack says:

    @Metin2suchtix3 phattys von strangedays und heatwave.

  13. Mitsubishi RulezZz

  14. Metin2suchtix3 says:

    das is der hammer!! ๐Ÿ˜€ x3 qeil gemacht ! frage Oo von wo die hosen >.< ???

  15. aFFAllianz says:

    0:59 AKA SpeedoDevo ^^;

  16. @HiTownDJ doch ist es ^^ 100% sicher =D

  17. @phillow da hab ich auch geguckt. aber das isses ebe nicht :/

  18. @HiTownDJ steht in der beschreibung ๐Ÿ˜›
    Dj yanny – rhythm is a bass

  19. wie heiรŸtn das lied ab 3 min??

  20. 0:58 Speedodevo *———-*

  21. xXxTrIbLexXx170 says:

    yoo kommst du aus plรถn? und hast du mich fast mit deiner kawasaki umgenietet? ๐Ÿ˜€ PS ich kenn dich von flo

  22. @RobbyFly1996 it’s in the description ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. RobbyFly1996 says:

    Intro song pls (:?

  24. HPTBassTi says:

    Danke dir ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. @HPTBassTi das sind UFO’s! kommen aus der Hip-Hop Dance szene! musst einfach mal nach UFO pants googeln!


  26. HellFiresRainClan says:

    if sierA didnt show so much leg she would suc. she does show it though so it all ok. thumbs up if you agree

  27. melbshflr247 says:

    get music thats in sync with the dancing

  28. kacio1991 says:

    sierra tem uma limusine!! *-*

  29. kanamesauri says:


  30. linkinparkismusic says:

    Mikki ftw

  31. 11Flasher says:

    baddest shuffle dancers ever!!

  32. HannahKilljoy says:

    @Reaper666184 How original.

  33. RichardCuzz says:

    Fuck Shuffle Gabba LAD !!!

  34. Silverschneckchen says:

    nice dancing

  35. Reaper666184 says:

    the girls do shuffle but their boobs do jumpstyle

  36. DomAndSel says:

    watch my friend shuffle hes reallllly goooood

  37. OkUrRight says:

    last girl was killin it. very smooth

  38. 3:20 Is that a limo in the background?

  39. Hughesy1995Luke says:

    Rockett and Hanhbui – Showtek: Here we fucking go
    Mikkiz – Showtek: Dust to Dust
    Jniex and Francis – ???
    Siera – Mike Phobos: Hard and Holy
    Daniel – BladeMasters: One Blade
    Malin – Tiesto: Elements of life

    Hope that helps…sorry cant get third song never heard it before (:

  40. BlackDemonG35 says:

    @dreamkiller66 “Our”??? Shuffling isn’t from the dutch, it’s from the Aussie’s….. idiot

  41. TheDevinKillian says:

    What kind of shoes are they wearing?

  42. dreamkiller66 says:

    i h8 asians always stealing our shit

  43. ZZOMGproduction says:

    hardstyle girls just love it:)

  44. Orcwarrrior says:

    Very Cool See My Video Of Free Step Please?
    This is the dance of brasil!!
    The Best!

  45. mjlravers says:

    hahaahahahahaha 1st guy looks funny us girl look way better shufflin lol

  46. patchesweed says:

    looks like he is dancin on GOA LOL

  47. 0:44 emo bitch

  48. wriggleworm says:

    No sacco… respect.

  49. joeshaney16 says:

    siera is a babbe

  50. oliveira16brothers says:

    2:30 pode levar pra sua casa…se tiver precisando de um bom matador de baratas…kkk.