It's SHOWTIME ­čśë In this Video i teamed up with my girlfriend Yuki who is also a passionated Dancer. We both got a heart for the hard and rocked every event in the past 6 months. We worked out a combination and due it worked very well after some practice we decided to make a Video. Feedback and advices on how to improve are always appreciated. Tell me what you like and what you disklike ______________________________________ Feel free to add me as a friend or follow me on Twitter: if you're looking for awesome dance videos or want to promote your own one please visit: http Please ask your questions there because I dislike the Messaging System of Youtube! ______________________________________ Songs used: Joe Rogers - Let me hear you Shout Joe-E & KloneZ - Virus Attack (Shu Remix) Josh Lang - Sawtooth Highway Flux Pavillion - I can't stop programs used: Sony Vegas Pro 10, 64bit Adobe After Effects CS4 1920x1080 @29,97 fps. Full HD Video 60i Working links for all my dance videos: The World is Mine I [ Pure Hard Dance 2009 ] Youtube: Vimeo: The World is Mine II | UNSTOPPABLE [ Melbourne Shuffle ] Youtube: Facebook: Vimeo: Pure Overdrive (feat. WingZero616) Youtube: Facebook: Vimeo: Harder Better Faster Stronger Youtube: SHOWTIME (Feat. Yuki) [Melbourne Shuffle Duo] Youtube: Something ...
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23 Responses to “PhiLLoW & Yuki | SHOWTIME [ Melbourne Shuffle Duo ]”

  1. Sir?´╗┐ c:

  2. AMDEvolution says:

    Dude you got the best moon walk I’ve ever seen.´╗┐ Keep on workin man.

  3. sonamaster says:

    like´╗┐ like ­čśÇ

  4. @alanhill37 that’s why shufflin’ girls are always hypnotizing,´╗┐ huh? ;D

  5. alanhill37 says:

    nice chest dancing at 00:40 lmao the´╗┐ dance was great though

  6. @Anproof steht doch in der´╗┐ description alles ­čśë

  7. @DaiShuffler hey…it’s´╗┐ a Nikon S9100

  8. @FreezeAsToRm fetten dank!´╗┐

  9. @FreezeAsToRm Google-Maps => “Holtenauer Hochbr├╝cke, Kiel” ! It was recorded under teh bridge! ;D´╗┐

  10. @dracorfight´╗┐ wow…danke f├╝r’s kompliment (=

  11. @Salamaleikum80 richte´╗┐ ich ihr aus! danke ­čśë

  12. @jaifreejairiencompri´╗┐ Flux Pavillion – i can’t stop!

    it’s also in the description

  13. @CrazyAndMadz One of the most academic comments so not only showed us, that you’re living in a world of stereotypes…no…you have also proven that you can’t even differentiate between different groups in your small world. But yeah..If I have to choose between being “an emo that don’t cut himself like the´╗┐ others” or a racist guy from serbia who wastes his time trolling and explaining his mighty minecraft elevator in bad english I’m really confident to be on the cool side in this battle

  14. CrazyAndMadz says:

    Why don’t´╗┐ u just cut your vain’s like all the other emo kids?

  15. jaifreejairiencompri says:

    name of song at´╗┐ 2:16 pls

  16. Salamaleikum80 says:

    endlich mal en m├Ądl das´╗┐ auch wirklich geil shufflen kann!

  17. dracorfight says:

    da soll mir nochma einer sagen Pae & Sarah w├Ąren gut ­čśë ihr seit eindeutig top und besser. obwohl mir beide duos´╗┐ gefallen ­čśÇ

  18. @lomansik i think it a shuffel right´╗┐ phillow?

  19. BrainShock20 says:

    Ui, nice.. sehr´╗┐ stark Phillow & Yuki… habt ihr prima gemacht.. Gef├Ąllt mir… Ist echt nichts zu sagen.. sehr nice.. weiter so ­čśë

  20. MrJoelWyncott says:

    Wow . . . Mesmerizing .´╗┐ . .

  21. TheVortexShuffler says:

    nice´╗┐ one maaan i love watch this vid hehe !!
    like+ fav again lol
    Your fan number 1 *o*

    HSQ BH FS Vortex (:

  22. FreezeAsToRm says:

    Welcher skatepark ist das?/Which skatepark is there´╗┐ :P?

  23. FreezeAsToRm says:

    Fetten´╗┐ Like bruder :p