PhoeniX - The History of My Melbourne Shuffle. - INFO - This is a small compilation of my shuffle over the time... nothing special, but enjoy! - DISCLAIMER - I have nothing to do with any of the audio content used in this video. I am not the owner or creator of any of the tracks and do not take any credit. - THANKS - Thanks to all of you who like watching my videos & support me. Good luck! - ADDITIONAL INFO - Software Used: SONY Vegas PRO 10 (64-bit Edition) - TAGS - Melbourne Shuffle Phoenix Hardstyle History - VIDEO - PhoeniX - The History of My Melbourne Shuffle. SD: HD: - CONTACT - YouTube Channel: Facebook: E-Mail: Skype: DanielThePhoenix
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25 Responses to “PhoeniX – The History of My Melbourne Shuffle.”

  1. FrienddShip says:

    What’s the name of the last song ?

  2. FrienddShip says:

    @DanielThePhoenix I’m guessing .. bigger steps ? I mean when you do the T .. you seem to cover a bigger distance haha.

  3. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @FrienddShip You think about how you walk or run? It’s the same thing… 😀

  4. FrienddShip says:

    How do you cover so much distance when shuffling ?

  5. @ShufflerBurst I figured that… not everyone on this planet is stupid

  6. ShufflerBurst says:


    Kid, Melbourne Shuffle is the name of the dance. And this dance goes back far more then 5 years ago.

  7. collsabc123 says:

    dude u look sexy at 5 months

  8. HardStyleiMotion says:

    А что за песня во время 5 месяца?=)

  9. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @SpencerGtv Cally & Juice Feat MC Shocker – Bionic Decade Anthem (Kidd Kaos Remix)

  10. SpencerGtv says:

    What’s the song at 2:20 please?

  11. collsabc123 says:

    shuffle legend

  12. first trackname pls

  13. @DanielThePhoenix Well, you learn something new every day 😀

  14. MaxOutYourDance says:

    that’s how you know you care so much about shuffling when you get to the point of shuffling in a public mall lmao

  15. PaintballMoHawk says:

    I DIDNT KNOW YOU Had other videos? . cool though

  16. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @INB681 Oh… no offense, but Melbourne Shuffle is the name of the dance, not a style… and it was waaay before 5 years ago.

  17. Oh, another thing… no offense, but your style is more Hardstyle and a bit Malaysian. Melbourne Shuffle refers to the oldskool shuffling of 5 years ago and such (wedancehard videos)

  18. did you go from 2-step to 1-step, or are you really that fast? lol 😛

  19. this guy is really shuffling machine….LOL

  20. MusikValencia says:

    daniel, you move very well and very well shuffle dance, greetings from Spain =)

  21. Malaysian style…you rock it hard.

  22. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @0205Cereal Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos – Devastating

  23. 0205Cereal says:

    Nice Vid mann =D Like+Fav ;D
    Song name 3:35 Please?

  24. Does he have boost button in his shoes?

  25. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @ShuffleAddictsTV I’m sorry, i can’t remember what it was 🙁 The third one is: Cally & Juice Feat MC Shocker – Bionic Decade Anthem (Kidd Kaos Remix)