hehe... watch in high quality~~ This is an Old Video.. Jolene no more in PHS She is currently in HazardMinors!! Go search for her latest videos yo!! seon has "NOT" stop shuffling for good... i'M BACK... NEW VID COMING UP!!!!!!! SEE YA SOON BRUDDERSSSSSS youtu.be short but sweet!!
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Their hip-hop dance style won them season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. In this episode of Dance Trendz, www.WatchMojo.com gets Ryan Feng of Quest Crew to show us some moves that we can use, like the Melbourne Shuffle and the Dougie.

48 Responses to “Pirates Hardstyle Shuffle”

  1. MrSeptian1 says:


  2. francklin157 says:

    Nice ! Beautifful Girl ! >>> shuffle yes ( Crazy Hardstyle ) I am Brazil ! No “1 Ingles

  3. silentwatcher191 says:

    the songs in order are 1. vengaboys – boom boom boom 2. ganjaguru – overload 3. psy man – backbiter.

  4. jimjon81 says:

    Reminds me of when grandad found that ants nest

  5. AcradeSpy says:

    PM me 🙂

  6. seonlim says:


  7. seonlim says:

    sadly there’s no hq… it used to have but idk why it doesn’t now =S

  8. seonlim says:

    thanks much ;)

  9. seonlim says:

    malaysia dong

  10. seonlim says:

     yea sure

  11. AcradeSpy says:

    girl got facebook?

  12. Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom

  13. dboeh06n says:

    Overload – Ganjaguru

  14. Coreyveiga17 says:

    Please watch my DJ shuffle video

  15. RayIs805 says:

    Indonesia ya?

  16. MrSeptian1 says:


  17. Combaaat says:


  18. XtremeGamingPorkchop says:

    Hell yea when things get started its called overload js

  19. GodKiller97 says:

    Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys

  20. Jefreyx3 says:

    Vengaboys- Boom BOom Boom 😀

  21. JOERAselamanya says:

    great.,., asia style, i like it (y)

  22. Sn3giri says:

    I did mash up like in this video, everyone can download
    files.mail. ru/E3TD7E

    (delete the space before “ru”)

  23. yoelreydelmundo says:


  24. ohheyitsstar says:

    Feng looks really really good here

  25. KTPZHOMEGRL says:

    With the way he talks, he sounds like a professor … teaching his students the dougie and the Melbourne shuffle. Haha.

  26. cuiewolf2000 says:

    that is the most talking i ever heard feng say..

  27. Jimkid118 says:

    i hav a rock

  28. MazzTNN says:

    Oh my Gosh! i’ve been trying to the Melbourne shuffle for AGES!, Omg i feel Nerdy, Anyway, Thanks Feng Love you <3 🙂

  29. SuperBootieful says:

    When i first started watching and becoming a fan of Quest Crew, I didn’t really notice him, but Feng is so awesome!:D:D<3

  30. Ang62198 says:

    i got chills when i saw feng

  31. MoniqueKlary says:

    He made the shuffle look so easy.

  32. TheCupcakecutie1234 says:

    1:42 oh. i lOVe this song. hahahahhahah made me lol!

  33. ryanthefreaker says:

    oh wow, the melbourne shuffle is pretty much dead in melbourne and America is just starting to catch on :3

  34. djduck33 says:

    he makes me thinks of ross from friends

  35. cas29ilycheese says:

    I am suddenly proud to be kind of Australian.

  36. cas29ilycheese says:

    “OH! I LOVE THIS SONG!” i love it when he said that :DD

  37. feng is so intellectual!

  38. avitalklio says:

    When it comes 2 hiphop idols in my life, Feng is the main one

  39. funnybuddies174 says:

    Yeah! Plus, hes incredibly sexy!!!:)
    -Much Love,Danni<3

  40. dozer11 says:

    Agreed! Plus he’s a professional dancer… I’m not sure I’d question him as he’s been exposed to all types of dancing and probably knows a million times more than anyone here!

  41. iFantasmo says:

    “Oh…I love this song!”

  42. SimpleRealSimple says:

    I love his facial expression when he says robot at 2:14

  43. ExcellentChild says:

    he is very pretty 🙂

  44. SkaterAlaina says:

    I love you Feng. You and the whole crew inspired me to dance when I saw you guys on season 3 of ABDC. I would put videos up but I don’t have a good camera. I wish I could meet you and the guys in person. Lots of love and respect.

  45. SkaterAlaina says:

    I LOVE YOU FENG. You and the whole crew inspired me to dance when I saw you guys on season I would put videos up but don’t have a good camera
    . I wish I could meet you and the guys in person lots of love and respect.

  46. Stefanable6 says:

    look at fengs face at 4:23 :)))))

  47. funnybuddies174 says:

    It can be his way of the dougie!!!! Anyone can put their own twist on it. It doesnt matter!!!

  48. TheOatTea says:

    FENG LOVE <3