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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Pitchers – What they don’t like”

  1. Sketsu says:

    this song is great ..but when it comes to shuffle it get stink ! Fucking crap !!!!

  2. midnightsun067 says:

    This is sooo fun to shuffle tto!

  3. bongalicious11 says:

    Its impossible not to dance to this

  4. TheLilkrazy14 says:

    This Sonq Is Sick :p

  5. emitaxsiempre says:

    geniial :)

  6. MsSweetPimpin says:

    i found this video by watching people shuffling

  7. DieTchan says:

    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeht ab 😀

  8. FreeRealmsFleXiN says:

    do u guys think shuffeling is gay?

  9. FreeRealmsFleXiN says:

    what they dont like is a cracker like me on the mic infact

  10. ThePsysch says:

    Lol, 4 people can’t shuffle

  11. ayyoocapri says:

    this beat is sicckkkkkkk.

  12. AHafan2 says:

    I tried to resist for about a minute then resignedly got up, moved into the centre of the room and SHUFFLED LIKE A FUCKING VEGAS DEALER

  13. Patonja123 says:

    thums up if you dance

  14. abcdefghijklm15393 says:


  15. dragonspyre905 says:

    who would fucking dislike this 

  16. chinook1029 says:

    Dude I am SO going to learn how to shuffle just so I can do it to this song xD

  17. katjames100 says:

    you guys should check out this video by rsn david199619 black ops dcbroncos kills me

  18. Ronzilla81 says:

    Thumbs up if you
    1: started taping ur feet
    2:started bobing ur head
    3: then when the beat kicked Jumped up and Shuffled ur happy ass off!!

  19. Ronzilla81 says:

    What they dont like is the 4 dislikes

  20. TheJackie505 says:

    love thiszz sonqq…XD

  21. Shivachalua says:

    So hard i like that *-*

  22. aviwizman2 says:

    can u guys gimme names of songs that good for shuffling ???

  23. Tiptaptudelidu says:


  24. mrmiouw says:

    thumbs up if u shuffled ur ass of at this!!!!!!! 😀

  25. ririluva says: