14.10.07.preview shuffle at center point kk sabah malaysia.. pls support us ok..29.10.07 at the bed..need support..
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25 Responses to “preview shuffle at center point sabah”

  1. zniper1718 says:

    plz song name..¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. onecingoz says:

    shuffling was that big 0.o back then

  3. arifizwandy says:

    lawa lah sabahan shuffler

  4. HBKbackwardz says:

    is that moonboy

  5. OverBite99 says:

    moonboy still the shit

  6. Grooby1992 says:

    moon boy – Magic boy:D

  7. skibblesx says:


  8. HSCshift says:

    @pulcorax there not good at having big dicks

  9. MorkandGork1 says:

    :44 anyone see the swastikas on that guys pants those are fucking awesome

  10. Dudzuwpe says:

    pants right
    WTF ?

  11. shufflegirl13 says:

    @pulcorax well they should they kinda invented the dance and its the shuffle captial

  12. Rvaleshuffle101 says:

    damn look at all the asians hardly any ozzies n wogz dere lol

  13. DEZEJEN1234 says:

    @pulcorax yeap 😀
    tiny,fast 😀

  14. XxAfroCoreBassxX says:

    check out and comment my latest video and ill do the same for whoever. thx to the ppl who do

  15. Cilliable says:

    @MrMagicMikee No its not but its forbidden to do it in most public places, etc guards will come.

  16. jonathanjonny1 says:

    that little kid was moonboy

  17. MsHardstyle4life says:

    nice check out my shuffle vid its improved alot since the last /watch?v=JW41CLWxpvQ


  19. luizgui01 says:

    ql eh o nome da porra da musica, seus fdp, ninguem responde nao eh

  20. little1337 says:

    fucking insane 😀

  21. Hardstylenever says:

    wow hardstyle republic?i wish i can join

  22. barbiebrutality93 says:

    moon boy is so ill

  23. kimmyWan09 says:

    i love moonboy….

  24. it is moonboy!!!
    go moonboy go!

  25. moonboy right?