Profite - Split Second (HQ RIP+HD)

HQ RIP from "The Magic Show Podcast Week #47" Please rate and leave a comment ! Subscribe for more ! 🙂 Enjoy the Music !

25 Responses to “Profite – Split Second (HQ RIP+HD)”

  1. incredible track!

  2. hws <3

  3. TorvaDagger says:

    lol…………. is gwn droog :P

  4. BlowingMonkey says:

    Kanker veel mensen zeggen die comment.

  5. TorvaDagger says:

    >->->->R.I.P. Headphone Users<-<-<-<

  6. My mum came in naked to me and asked:
    – What’s the song?!
    me: *the title*
    mum: Good, give it to me *Turns back into her bed*

  7. mrbassdrum100 says:

    kick is shit its the same as everyone elses what happend to hard individual kicks producers used to use

  8. fuckabitch38 says:

    Ohh myyy , <3

  9. i love the KICKS! WTF 🙂

  10. Amesolithe says:


  11. koekjevaneigendeeg1 says:

    my speakers are hungry now!

  12. italianboy7 says:

    Mmmm remind me of old school hardstyle 😀

  13. sjp19922 says:


  14. MadkillerHavanna says:

    my ringtone ♥

  15. i love this song its so chill yet totally awesome!

  16. what a mellody!!!!! I Love iT 😀

  17. walther89 says:

    good music’s come very rarely 😛

  18. I’m getting a hard one from this song. DAMN!

  19. cheche90teocal says:

    uuuuu I love this song,. =D

  20. XSilvenX says:

    Oh my god…dude if only you went with an old school hard bass kick…this would be A++++

  21. MrHardstylezz says:

    its fucking epic dude 🙂 i love it !!

  22. HUGOXONE says:

    QUE GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  23. vanlanen987 says:

    great song … great bass
    awesome track (Y)

  24. 91Kepa91 says:

    melody is awesome!!!

  25. felixgebers2 says:

    great song ….weak bass