This is my melbourne shuffle video, the first on this channel, hope you enjoy. Rate n' Comment 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Redz aKa The Hard Angel [MELBOURNE SHUFFLE]”

  1. DanielSonWSP says:

    Thats insane! Im a good shuffler i just cant find any good videos to teach me those fast spins i just dont understand how they do it.

  2. jolleBABEN says:

    du for syg Redz! Det er en mega fed stil du har fået dig 😉

    [HBZ] ALF0NS

  3. hardcore leprechaun.

  4. antiswattt says:

    fuck du god!!

  5. JaCkChiiNxD says:

    Muito daora man
    Só acho que se aumentace um pouco a velocidade ficaria melhor 😀

    Nice shuffle

  6. nice shuffle crew brow jeg kan lig din stil 5/5


  7. hrtkid102 says:

    can u pls tell me all the tracks used?

  8. cafemambos says:

    nice shuffle different but good. keep it up mang

  9. JumpingDeleuranDK says:


  10. good shuffle

  11. benjaminDKz says:

    vild rm mate 😀

  12. Djdanny1wow says:

    slap af dreng! det fcking amazing sygt..

  13. brunoalvino2 says:

    LCK – Internal External

  14. very good what’s the music at 40 seconds?
    thank you

  15. nice 5*

  16. ser okay ud mate.
    Ville bare gerne have en længere film!! 😀
    Men keep posting!
    Det er dejligt at se ! ;D

  17. hardstylesunedk says:

    neat 🙂