Comments Pls..dun be rude..rhs skyboy shuffle
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25 Responses to “RHS SkyBoY Shuffle”

  1. mariomars says:

    whooo ur room is big

  2. theturdanator109 says:

    song is called make it faster by cruz and the white

  3. theturdanator109 says:

    @WotTehPhok its actually called make it faster by cruz and the white

  4. EpicAnimeFan says:

    @WotTehPhok yeah but the isnt the origonal hater

  5. U4everLuv says:

    Can i join this group?

  6. WotTehPhok says:

    @EpicAnimeFan Daft Punk made the original “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.
    Get out of here animefag.

  7. EpicAnimeFan says:


  8. StepToTheMusic10 says:

    @atlas1910 Said the guy who has no video to show you can actually shuffle 🙂

  9. atlas1910 says:

    Both suck, skyboy fast fowards his videos and moonboy uses socks

  10. DarKn1F3COD says:

    Moonboy iz betta bsides skyboy fast fowards da vidz

  11. SuperStarezz says:

    aerodynamic mix

  12. TheGuddu22 says:

    I stil.go for moonboy 🙂

  13. ToiletxSeat says:

    this is SiiCK….. XD

  14. hell yea moonboy much better

  15. bigmac071295 says:

    Check out my channel im better.  Bigmac071295

  16. WotTehPhok says:


  17. shadow8026 says:

    Shuffle 4ever!!

  18. Shuffle4dalife says:

    ahaha hes asian moonboy is asian ,asian shufflers =DDD

  19. @coolkid9339 true dat

  20. purpleslurpee227 says:

    oh thats sexy

  21. purpleslurpee227 says:

    skyboy gun get alot a pussy

  22. coolkid9339 says:

    he copyied moonboy but moonboy is bettter

  23. JJuicEEboXX says:

    daft punk ya bitch

  24. ThisIsRemixTV says:

    @lilshirky This Version Is Cruz and The White – Make It faster the original is Daft Punk

  25. lilshirky says:

    @ThisIsRemixTV no it’s Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger