Ricky Orzel Shuffle - Rain

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32 Responses to “Ricky Orzel Shuffle – Rain”

  1. roxyrock13 says:

    Fucking sexy babe. Love the part u r dancing in the rain.

  2. Jokerswraith says:

    Fuck i wish i could shuffle like that XD

  3. TehRandoVideos says:



  4. misspeace1978 says:

    wow Ricky
    its Corinna by the way your like really good
    KEEP IT UP man

  5. SuperPrincessvero says:



  7. cool videos Ricky

  8. jasweengujral says:

    gr8 job man…awsome music too

  9. moomoofan11 says:

    this is a really good tutorial, im just a really crap shuffler XD

  10. bubelparkour says:

    good teacher :D make shuffle video 😀 master

  11. anyone else finds this NOT simple??

  12. Did Cow and Chicken’s dad just taught me how to shuffle?

  13. FuhrerVonKickass says:

    Finally a good video that actually runs you through the steps one at a time!

  14. 我正在学哦…running man

  15. numberonefergiefan says:

    Reverse Running Man Is Just Like The Jerk

  16. FlashDbzAnimation says:

    i can only do a running can’t combine 2 step

  17. jonathanmoreno1995 says:

    do you hop back or do you slide it?

  18. yo bro got to the laundry and wash your socks their durty

  19. belieberme123 says:

    You made it look so easy. :)) Thanks for uploading, it helped a lot.

  20. Artificial0yeah says:

    You dont slide your foot, especially if its on concrete. Its fine on carpet, but its harder when you use shoes on hard floor because of the friction. Instead try doing a small hop back so that your foot lifts, but still looks like a slide. And it really does help to record yourself so you can see what your doing wrong 🙂

  21. I do running man but not in two stepps,is that wrong?

  22. JayBoss613 says:

    Beginners would use songs of 125 BPM
    for example : Spryte’s music c:

  23. NoelleLovesIt says:

    Hmm seems pretty easy… *trys it* FML >.< !!!!! I will learn this, I will!

  24. i love this video!! it’s so simple. I have had many people try and teach me how to shuffle but you are the only person i actually understand. Thanx bunches!!

  25. RandommWierddMe says:

    thanks to this video i learned the running man Kinda :p
    check out my new video c:

  26. I can Spongebob, Running man, T-Step. I need to learn how to do the Shuffle bot Moves! He inspires me without a doubt

  27. TFBCountryBoy says:

    @DavidOverland Nightriders – Hey! (Nom De Strip remix)
    It’s in the annotations at the beginning 😛

  28. DavidOverland says:

    Name of this track?????

  29. i feel like hopping up and down while doing this….

  30. Insanemusiclover1 says:

    thank you so much I finally did the running man

  31. Oh Yeahh! I Got The Hang Of It Now I Just Need To Do It faster!

  32. ronaldofreeky11 says:

    What the song name