Well im Crewless atm and thought i would make a clip and see who wanted me πŸ˜€ im hoping to get into HSJ[hardstyle jokers] or THP[the hardstyle project] but if any other crews want me just ask πŸ™‚ thanks πŸ˜€ songs: 1. coone - words from the gang (d-block and s-te-fan rmx) 2. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs. MC Villian - Keep It Coming 3. D-block vs Tha Bazz Pimpz - Freak on it
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mixes.djfez.com A video I eddited earlier. And sped it up to make it more to the beat. (Unlike my older version.) I know I will have like 9000 people asking me for the song.. So I'm just telling you here, added my own music - www.myspace.com/djtriex
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “???/romeo Melbourne Shuffle HSJ & THP Tryout.”

  1. hardstyleROMEO says:

    its an old clip man, if i was to shuffle again i would go back to hardstylahz


    but im serius?

  3. hardstyleROMEO says:

    this is a old clip man i dont shuffle anymore lol


    where do u live romeo???

  5. ethanelmosfl says:

    great shuffle great songs ASWOME editing πŸ˜€ (Y)

  6. n1ce mate i am trying to do the same lolxz well lucky tho nd u kinda hott too hehehe ;]

  7. polkadot223 says:

    a guy who can shuffle, is a real turn on.

  8. join tms



  10. ohhh… Guys, before asking, read discription

  11. oh hahha.. didn’t read the description… well found it now <3

  12. What’s the name of the third song :O?


    wat song is dat

  14. ravershuffle says:

    n1 man n1 shuffle n1 musik 5/5

  15. haha lol romeo is 2 slow for the kick

  16. abizzcantshuffle says:

    respect from hungary πŸ™‚

  17. sportychicka23 says:

    that was awsome! every1 that says u shouldnt go 4 the big crews r wrong! ur amazin

    β™₯- Tasha Rae -β™₯

  18. not bad not bad at all!!!

  19. Jokesterz1902 says:

    and he told you to suck his balls

    i fell sorry for u man

  20. narutoguy56 says:

    one of those crews will totally recruit you.

  21. moomootaroo says:

    And look when this came out, im guessing in 7 months hes become even better(not sure if thats possible considering hes already amazing) then he is in this vid so yah i would try out for those crews if i was that good

  22. hardstyleROMEO says:

    yeah fuker ? i was in bigger crews than that so smb cunt =)

  23. moomootaroo says:

    why would he not go for the big crews? hes good………erm… amazing!

  24. wtf is that ment to mean?

  25. lol so sad going for the big crews

  26. djlucario99 says:

    yee! go moe!

  27. @desinate hey can yu tell me how i can get the shuffle beat.. thx

  28. xXBlackMAGE66Xx says:

    what episode

  29. Nickodevil117HS says:


  30. @tinysims i wanna see the video XD

  31. good music good remix- AWESOME

  32. im liking the music

  33. whenkncfksfcbn says:

    wat’s the name of the song

  34. lololololololo:) this is gooood


  36. TheHeadXhunter says:

    what is the name of the song plezz tell me its sick

  37. @tinysims <3 thanks hehe

  38. I have created a shuffle with Godfather the game and I used your awesome music

  39. This is great!!!

  40. damn kick ass song and vid lol

  41. MrSup3rchamp says:


  42. song???????????????????????

  43. Thankyou ^_^

  44. Thanks ^_^

  45. I made a really good one with heaps of other moves too from other episodes, but I lost it when I formatted πŸ™ I might try again with one of my newer songs though! xD

  46. indeed alot did take your idea but yours is the best

  47. stratofearless says:


  48. blackopsrule says:

    What a badass 0:16 to 0;18 he sits on the table gets up and does that badass shuffle…..MOE TO THE SHUFFLE!

  49. blackopsrule says:

    moe knows his stuff man, MAKE MORE PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!

  50. whitecastle18 says:

    this has officially completed my life. =D