please help me with my running man, any tips ect. are appriciated, thankyou :D!!

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  1. come on , i watched your video carefully, could i give u a sugesstion?
    1、you must take it easy when you shuffle. 2、RM need too long time to
    practice ,so don’t worry, i think you are better than you think you are .

  2. Rocco Ruzzo says:

    I just started shuffling a few days ago, What I do differently then you is
    when both feet are on the ground I have my legs fully extended. I just
    posted 2 videos if you want to check out what I mean.

  3. raizshuffling says:

    thankyou ^^. but, what do you mean by “take it easy”? again thankyou ^^!

  4. raizshuffling says: