I didn't sleep much so I was looking for things to do, so I remembered to finally record this video. sorry for the delay... and then i just went on randing a...

25 Responses to “Running man tip, randomn tips, and more shuffling and more random things (in that order)”

  1. yea ummm… maybe this will help – actually i’ll make u a video today.
    cool? 😀 to sort of explain WHEN you should do some moves. it kinda has to
    do with the structure of a song – i’ll sort of dissect it, but in the club,
    you just FEEL it

  2. itsdannyftw says:

    Look so different man!

  3. nnbengboy2 says:

    Lifting the foot backward would probably be flicking the heels, yeah? Just
    a good word for what you were describing. 🙂 .

  4. TriniandVerde93 says:

    nice kicks!

  5. NeverTooMuchBass says:

    go to sleep man you look like crap

  6. mail smurph says:

    they’re called sleeping pills man

  7. Kevin Temmerman says:

    haha, indeed.. xp

  8. blueturbo6 says:

    Make a tutorial for 6:58 please

  9. eu não entendi nada, alguém poderia colocar uma legenda em português 🙁

  10. Craig Mcmillan says:

    I enjoyed this & thats all that counts.

  11. serbian yea

  12. Those are good books 🙂 Idi spavaj!!!

  13. strangesight says:

    omg the place where i live has sooo many serbs, and they r hot as hell. no
    wonder ur so hot SERBIA FTW! SERBIAN GUYS FTW!

  14. LOL , how did you do the move at 6:58 !?!? haha , kidding.

  15. strangesight says:

    omg i have a huge crush on you…

  16. rhcpandsum41 says:

    @iPannick nop… serbian ^^

  17. Shaun Rulmonde says:

    Lol xD nice vid xD

  18. FloppyToast says:

    Don’t worry. The camera adds sexiness. I can hardly tell a difference.
    Can’t sleep? Listen to the radio at night. The tips are good for beginners.

  19. Tim Albertson says:

    most people make that running man mistake. that “kicking” of the feet.

  20. MikeSaidHello1 says:

    How high should the hop be? I always end up sliding or going way too
    high… D:

  21. unluckyjoker12 says:

    Wow, this really helped me a lot actually. Thanks!

  22. Tom Johnson says:

    LOL just clicked forward from the bit about not being able to sleep so
    making this vid, straight into “coconut milk, bubble tea”. Not seeing the
    connection. Literally laughing out loud.

  23. HamOnWholeWheat says:

    Godamn, Bigmilan you are so awesome.

  24. XxRetLaWxX says:

    the running man melbourne is too simple and short as a step hard, try doing
    a tutorial on Malaysia running man if you can

  25. Johny Huizar says:

    Holy shit I had forgotten about this comment, my bad about it I probably
    sounded like a douche -_- I haven’t touched that shit in two years, was
    just trying it and it wasn’t for me lol.