A small trailer with the passage of this year Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championship, to build a strong promotional groups in Moscow. Небольшой трейлер с проходившего в этом году Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championship, организованного сильнейшими промо группами Москвы.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championship 2010 TRAILER”

  1. Plesniorowy says:


    t1m lose with ragastar

  2. @ujikolsion

    word up,
    “Dance to express, not to impress”

  3. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    tim won right :p

  4. y se quedo en trailer

  5. ujikolsion says:

    this is stupid. shuffling isn’t something that should be judged like this…

  6. i doubt that the video will ever come out… -____-

  7. Where is the complete video? I’m anxious to see it.

  8. TheTrash11 says:

    Matka rosja kurwa najlepsza 😀

  9. SylvesterShuffle says:


  10. Braxaddictshuffler says:

    @Slash3b hell yea, thanks

  11. @Braxaddictshuffler The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Dj Thera Bootleg Remix)

  12. @Braxaddictshuffler it bootleg for Prodigy

  13. @Oper357 сделал Вы выигрываете Oper

  14. Braxaddictshuffler says:

    what is the name of this song i must know. its alsome.

  15. @mau571 same here

  16. TheFyllesmurfen says:

    Come to norway xD

  17. WalaceAsura says:

    The trailer was great, most wanted to know if you guys will do an equal number of 2009, I’m anxious to see .. Of course if you do.

  18. saskuashjumper says:

    when does the tornement vid will be upload??
    you’re takeing forever dude ><

  19. SolarShuffle says:

    @rafispy lol no

  20. ну че там пасаны? будет полный отчёт?)

  21. wish I lived in Russia just to be on those hardstyle competition parties

  22. MrPilyangsweet says:

    Nakaka bilib,Nakakamangha at isang pumapagaspas na treyler sana magkaroon ng pagkaktaon na makagawa din ang mga pinoy ng isang shuffle tournament.
    At sa paraang iyon mapapasikat at lalong sisikat ang Melbourne Shuffle sa Mahal naming Bansang Pilipinas!

  23. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    Ganda ng trailer sana may ganito sa Pilipinas.

  24. HDRofficial says:

    classs they should have these in britain !