Hi! Let me show you something good! Arranged my JSF team, and AGS! Enjoy the moment guys! =;)

------READ------ MS Compilaton PART 5!!! They have skills!! ENJOY to this and HATERZ reveal your self, don't be shy!!!!!!! Performers and Channels: -1] [THE] SeeK:www.youtube.com -2] [FSM] ProfiDJIN:www.youtube.com -3] [JSF]CaSpEr:www.youtube.com -4] [THZ] Diazz:www.youtube.com -5] [FHS] Ga5pAr.Z:www.youtube.com -6] Josiah:www.youtube.com -7] Sirron:www.youtube.com -8] [PHD] Phil:www.youtube.com -9] Psychotic:www.youtube.com -10] [BM] [RED] [BH] Arder:www.youtube.com -11] [HDA] Traktor:www.youtube.com Song list: 1-Dj Coone- Traveling (ft. ScopeDJ) 2-Outblast - Bassleader 3-Tatanka- Borderline 4-IDK 5-Hard 'n' Holy - Mike Phobos 6-Karpe DM-Let the Bass Begin 7-Dj Dean presents Barbarez - Planet Earth (World mix) 8-Danny V & Mac Storm - Inspirations 9-Subsonic - Headhunterz 10-Dutch Master - Floorspin 11-Brennan Heart - Light The Fire

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  1. ker163rus says:


  2. Mickisbackk says:

    10. Traktor & Frost dance – “Builder – Her Voice (Headhunterz Remix)”
    11. We all – “Showtek – We Speak Music”
    12. Beginning of the track – “Headhunterz – Save Your Scrap for Victory”

  3. Mickisbackk says:

    1. Voice of Theodor – beginning of the track “Headhunterz – The Fear Of Darkness -2. Pfeifer Broz – Absolute Anthropoid OST –3. DubStep part – “Headhunterz & Brennan Heart – The Mf Point of Perfection-4. “Headhunterz – Psychedelic-5. Traktor, Casper, Frost dance – “Technoboy – Miami Belch- 6. Exest – “Dark By Design – God Of Abraham-7. Kiba – “Kidd Kaos – Beyond Limitation-8. Prox – “Bass Modulators – Nrgizer-9. Warner – “B-Twinz – Words

  4. unknownShUfFl3r says:

    So sick

  5. carlosfaridful says:

    amigo un favor soy de colombia pasame la mezcla asme el favor ^^

  6. onelildee says:

    i realy just love watching this!!!

  7. onelildee says:

     love it!!

  8. AnjoSChile says:

    beautiful dude i dont have words :C

  9. Look at the last comments… there is the tracklist ._.

  10. Hardstyle4live1 says:

    Comment, like, sub… but you guys deserve more…

  11. jeanpaul12ify says:

    Fuck YEAH!!!!

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  13. chromepker says:

    @CaSpErShuffler it’s good, good job 🙂

  14. chromepker says:

    my favourite part is 4:18-0:00 :p

  15. eggerjajo says:

    Great Guyz!!

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  17. nice job guys !  😀

  18. lolsterz2 says:

    @CaSpErShuffler Hey,whats the track for the part  0:51 – 1:24?

  19. sonnikjumper says:

    Song list Pleasee!

  20. @FloorSmashers The songs name is: Builder – Her Voice (Headhunterz Remix)

  21. 1st headhunterz:psychedlic, 2nd dj phil ty; miami belch (polite mix)

  22. song list man please

  23. halloderkleine says:

    songlist pls very nice video

  24. halloderkleine says:

    songlist pls very nice video

  25. FloorSmashers says:

    waths song? 3:11 – 3:22 ????

  26. Jvidana95 says:

    Awesome! 😀 You should put me in one of your comps! 😀

  27. CrutialProductions says:

    Traktor is the best at spins. They are always so smooth 🙂 Nice video


  28. btshuffle says:

    @l3lackl2ain maybe I will:))

  29. l3lackl2ain says:

    make more compilation man

  30. diegovdl25 says:

    Seek BR Pro very God

  31. very massive
    congratulations to the shuffles

    Liked + Comments’ = Good’


  32. TheGekoNationPS3 says:

    Traktor, Nuff Said

  33. WhatTheHeck430 says:

    1.24 what a speedy beat! anyway nice video…

    Sub me back.

  34. FadingBluR says:

    Everyone in this is amazing, very good styles. REALLY loved the one at 1:41 though.

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    Love your comps )

  36. wow awesome comp dude 😀


  37. btshuffle says:

    @ElArtix thank you:) subbed back:)

  38. Like + fav + sub = The best compilation

  39. btshuffle says:

    @SeoulMotion thanks bro, you’re so great, also as shuffler:O

  40. SeoulMotion says:

    5 is Mark Phobos – Hard n Holy

  41. Nitr0usIII says:

    nice comp. subbed (:

  42. CrutialProductions says:

    I love the shuffler at the end because he is on what looks to be a hospital..looks it lmao awesome vid.

  43. btshuffle says:

    @chicken1115 wow thx bro:) rly appreciated!!

  44. chicken1115 says:

    wow awesome comp as always my friend 😀

  45. BassNaratica says:

    Fucking awesome comp

  46. hah wow EPic

  47. what programm do you use ? SO sexy edit man

  48. very good comp like it much, and thank you for letting me boot in the comp,
    thought it was beautiful. shufflers but there are really cool styles. >< *______* cmmt + like Ga5pAr.Z

  49. ShuffleMaxioR says:

    Nice comp.
    Like + Fav.

    P.S What is the effect of these numbers at 1:05?

  50. awesome comp man thanks for putting me in 😀