"PLEASE READ" "SEATTLE SHUFFLE MEET UP with DJ Pudgey, DJ Morgazm and other hardstyle DJs" special guest apperance with "Hardstyle Grandma" www.youtube.com www.youtube.com MY editing sucks lol,sorry about that and if ur not satisfied with this video this is the part 2 www.youtube.com ^_^ dont forget to COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRIBE! FK YEAH!!! IT WOULD BE BETTER IF [FOB]s WERE THERE =_= oh BTW the battles here werent serious so dont hate guys! ^_^ just fooling around..... Shufflers Attended: Bao-Bao (BLANDA) Domeg ToxicWaste Hades Jeragon Shadow Wolfbane Erik Sigzen Manny Purple Capsule ZeZe Jay ((uh oh) Trebel Rebel Kayleena Jay Sparky Kritter Jeragon Tazzi Talon Andi Kegan let me know if didnt mention ur name here.. ^_^ #45 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style #56 - Most Responded (Today) - Howto & Style #79 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Australia #81 - Top Favorited (Today) - Howto & Style

25 Responses to “SEATTLE SHUFFLE MEETUP (JULY 12, 2009) (USA) Part 1 (OLD)”

  1. dpickle18 says:

    tazzi looks really pretty

  2. killa1462 says:

    @mikecauberghs shut the fuck up about his clothes….. its not required to have phats to do the fucking shuffle. i dont own phats, probably will not for a while….. and i still shuffle. so what?

  3. XTechnoCh1ckX says:

    Like they said in the info, they’re just having fun. πŸ™‚ So stop criticizing.

    Shuffle to express, not impress. ^.^

  4. hihokiller says:

    A lesson for all people shuffling its 2 fucking hops not 1 ffs.. cna people learn basics then get advanced geeze. 2 slides back not 1

  5. trevmann91 says:

    @TheKayu96 Would you join me?

  6. luckyjrs says:

    @mikecauberghs you’re a cunt.

  7. d0wnto3arthshuffl3r says:


  8. @mikecauberghs get your cock out of your mouth, dude.

  9. ……..so what are you guys trying to do in this video ?

  10. @dpickle18 lmfao

  11. TheKayu96 says:

    WTF..!! What’s with the fat Dj..?? You people can dance…!! Go screw a goat..?!!

  12. TheMonkeyChunky says:

    haha so many haterz whining cuz they cant shuffle themself πŸ˜‰

  13. mikecauberghs says:

    @sese666 ok but for some ppl it’s not just a dance for some ppl like me it’s a livestyle… so show a litle respect

  14. Uziel808 says:


  15. @mikecauberghs dude,, this is really old.,, stop hating, and its just dance, so relax O_o

  16. mikecauberghs says:

    ok there are only 2 guy’s who are taking this serious!!! to al those other noobs learn the running man then try the rest really you guy’s don’t feel the ritm of this music!!! it’s a real embaressment for the belgium dj’s you use for your clip music and btw no skater cloths eather and if you’re not taking it seriuos just go back playing a nigger!!!

  17. melbournechris says:

    nice first song??

  18. LoopyDoodler says:

    @b00btube89 ya… guy needs to learn to running man. or just make it not the main part of his shuffle

  19. LoopyDoodler says:

    hehe he is not just pudgy

  20. dpickle18 says:

    dam let me guess all of the filipinos went to chow king after lol

  21. @mew159753 this was a year ago hes way better now.. thats what happens when you dont give up and keep doing what you love now stfu and eat a dick

  22. jordanlau1 says:


  23. OwnedAgainToday says:

    lol shadow xD

  24. michaelheessels says:

    tlon is een hoer πŸ˜›

  25. is that call melbourne o hardstyle shuffle?