"PLEASE READ" "SEATTLE SHUFFLE MEET UP with DJ Pudgey, DJ Morgazm and other hardstyle DJs" watch part 1 part 1 www.youtube.com special guest apperance with "Hardstyle Grandma" www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Here is the part 2 guys! hope u guys like it ^_^ and please dont forget to COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRIBE! FK YEAH!!! IT WOULD BE BETTER IF [FOB]s WERE THERE =_= oh BTW the battles here werent serious so dont hate guys! ^_^ just fooling around..... Shufflers Attended: Bao-Bao (BLANDA) Domeg ToxicWaste Hades Jeragon Shadow Wolfbane Erik Sigzen Manny Purple Capsule ZeZe Jay ((uh oh) Trebel Rebel Kayleena Jay Sparky Kritter Jeragon Tazzi Kegan Talon Andi
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “SEATTLE SHUFFLE MEETUP (JULY 12, 2009) (USA) Part 2 (OLD)”

  1. legendarydarkknight says:

    Way to easy to tell this video is editted HARD. A lot of you are sped up, and it is really easy to notice if you 1) actually know the shuffle 2) watch other people while the dancers go. ie: DJ’s/people off to the side. >=( Take pride in your shuffling and don’t alter it.

  2. XTechnoCh1ckX says:

    Yeah this so isn’t G rated. xD Love it!

  3. megadan429 says:

    @sweaterstring lol faggot…

  4. sweaterstring says:

    @megadan429 Damn man,have you not found a short cliff to jump off yet.We are waiting on you to end our pain of reading your shit and your videos of you that mommy filmed for you.The cliff,head for the cliff.All will be better then.

  5. megadan429 says:

    @17DEMONHUNTER lol faggot

  6. 17DEMONHUNTER says:

    dude, i dont even shuffle, but you really do suck, horrible, so quit talkin shit on the internet and work on your shuffle until you get better until you can actually back up the shit you talk on youtube, just a thought

  7. megadan429 says:

    @TrebelRebel for wat to sit and watch you clowns flair around like fools??? LOL id rather not..

  8. TrebelRebel says:

    @megadan429 oooh. put ass in that one. way to use your brain kiddo! HIGH FIVE!

    I like this part of your argument: “i live in tacoma come get me lol…” because you just gave me legal leeway to come over and “get you” lol. AND you wrote it publicly. But the thing is, I never said I was going to “get you” lmao. What ever that even means. These internet tough guys kill me >.< Hide behind your computer screen! or you can come to a meetup on saturday at seattle center. 2:00.

  9. megadan429 says:

    @TrebelRebel lol.. clown ass faggot…

  10. TrebelRebel says:

    @megadan429 You keep showing your maturity level, it’s amazing to see how low this generation has sunk. Just remember that when you argue, it’s not about how well you can insult someone, it’s how well you use your brain to come up with logical points. But I wouldn’t expect you to know that. After all, your only insults are “Clown” and “Faggot”.

    Btw, how old are you?

  11. megadan429 says:

    @TrebelRebel lol.. faggot..

  12. TrebelRebel says:

    @megadan429 mm faggot? is that the best insult you can come up with? insulting someone by questioning their sexuality? You call people clowns, I have no idea why. Grow up kid. And fuck Seattle? mk. you can live in and like your ghetto ass tacoma. I actually live pretty close to you lmao. I suck ass?? oh yeh that sure is clever, especially since I’m SPONSORED for my shuffle by digital Innovators. Jesus christ kid, you know absolutely nothing about this dance. Stop being an internet tough guy.

  13. megadan429 says:

    @TrebelRebel lol fAGGOT.. did i make you mad/?? good.. you and your boyfriend bruce suck ass… lol fuck seattle .. fuck you too CLOWN,.. lol im laughin so hard.. IM TALKIN SHIT WTCHA GUNNA DO FAG! i live in tacoma come get me lol… god i cant sto9 laughin …. woooo you made my day sir… good job LOL.. now go suck bruce’s cock ya faggot ass clown

  14. TrebelRebel says:


    You sir are a fucking dumbshit. Normally I am nice to kids who “TRY” (emphasis on this word specifically for you) to shuffle, but you are an ignorant retard that doesn’t know the difference between t-step and and running man. You can’t even put a short 3 step routine together.

    Seriously glad I checked this today, because you need a fucking reality slap in the face.

    I dare you to start talking trash again.

  15. ThatDiegoKid says:

    i wonder why they do call the dj DJ Pudgey hahaha….

  16. MontageMan061 says:

    hey megadan, did you just learn the word clown or something? pretty lame that its the only insult you can come up with… just sayin bro

  17. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 hahahahaha exactly… clown

  18. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 haha done… by giving it out you just admited im better cause you cant come up with any logical reason why your better.. you look like a fuckin douche out there danceing like there. no soul.. no heart.. just random flailing… XD XD XD… i shuffle cause i love it.. and i love my style.. better than flailing like a dumb sht..

  19. Bommer129 says:

    @megadan429 Right,keep telling yourself. get some practice ok, so you don’t embarrass yourself “shuffling” in front of anyone ok? 1 stepping is not shuffling and any shuffler will laugh if you think that’s shuffling. *yawn* Feel free to respond, I don’t give a damn anymore. I’m done wasting my time with you.

  20. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 lol… when did i say i need them??? tell me, QUOTE ME… you cant…hahaha at least im better than you XD XD XD XD

  21. Bommer129 says:

    @megadan429 Wow you are pretty pathetic. You don’t need “special” pants to shuffle, you’re pathetic excuse for a dancer for thinking you do. If I can even call you that. Lol keep up with your trash, you still are a horrid shuffler. Damn teenybopper shuffler.

  22. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 hahahahaha ok clown…. and i like the tri99s better than those goofy ass phat pants.. i tried phats once… i ended up burning them and lighting my cigarette with it… they suckk.. but hey… i guess i could have donated them to you.. cause you obviously dont have any hahahahaha clown

  23. Bommer129 says:

    @megadan429 Sorry fool, no one is laughing, the only one laughing is at me at your ignorance. I may not live in Melbourne but I sure as hell do know more about Melbourne shuffling than you, you don’t even understand what one stepping is. Watch some big milan tutorials please and get rid of the tripps, shuffling in them doesn’t make you look any cooler and work on your running man.

  24. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 lol… riiight.. go on.. dance like a fool its ok.. everyone will laugh anyway… the more i watch you dance.. than me.. the more i like my style… and yea…YOUR telling ME about melbourne.. yea you live here in seattle too dumb shit.. NOT MELBOURNE,, hahah imma go shuffle MY styles now.. duece out queero

  25. megadan429 says:

    @Bommer129 lol… riiight.. go on.. dance like a fool its ok.. everyone will laugh anyway… the more i watch you dance.. than me.. the more i like my style… and yea…YOUR telling ME about melbourne.. yea you live here in seattle too dumb shit.. NOT MELBOURNE,, hahah imma go shuffly MY styles now.. duece out queero