Old tryout for the Bass neurotic .... (not my best shuffle) new video : youtu.be

25 Responses to “SEIKO | SHUFFLE 2011 [FRA]”

  1. PoggiProductions says:

    1st song: Alphaverb – Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators)
    2nd song: The Pitcher – Sky Rocket

    @dydi66shadox you’re freaking awesome. Your dance is great keep on dancing please!!! i’m an argentinian and i think your dance is like OMG. You’re just great

  2. dydi66shadox says:

    Alphaverb – Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators) Thx for you comment bro 🙂

  3. RavennShuffles says:

    OMFG, wats that songg ?!?!?!?! D:

  4. Shivos80k says:

    IL GERE UN MAX LE SEIKO !! :p en meme temp ont peut pas test tu gere trop mec ;)

  5. dydi66shadox says:

    Thx for your comment bro 🙂

  6. zzasserzz says:

    Not bad but slower song mate you look unstable and like you’re trying too hard…..also gets repetitive after awhile……but not bad man 🙂

  7. dydi66shadox says:

     ha ha ha yes bro ^.^

  8. dydi66shadox says:

    Yes :D

  9. spiedew says:

    FRA = Francia style?
    or you mean you’re from France?

  10. DreedTheShuffler says:

    Sa gere du paté! :P

  11. itsdida123 says:

    plz make more vids lol

  12. HOURGHADA says:

    yeah good man subscribe my chanel and me too

  13. miguelreye1 says:

    Niice style bro *–*

  14. timertop says:

    Yes, ça dechire mec ! et oui je suis de retour parce que ça faisait longtemps 😉


  15. Condorxk2 says:



    Amazing Amazing Oo = HonTerZ = oO NICE NICE AWESOME

  16. JumPInfectioN says:

    This is pretty good i like it!

  17. chicken1115 says:

    AWESOME keep on rocking ;)

  18. JordZWHAT says:

    nice man. keep it uppp<3

  19. dydi66shadox says:

    @Baemzx yes hardi66@hotmail.fr

  20. terrateB says:

    np dude, np 🙂

  21. dydi66shadox says:

     yea sorry bro ^.^

  22. terrateB says:

    Alphaverb – Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators) !

  23. terrateB says:

    its Alphaverb – Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators) :>

  24. KissHardstyle says:

    Very nice man =D
    HSQ Kiss is a Bass Heaven

  25. terrateB says:

    thanks dude. this tune is just sick :>