September 5th 2009, Melbourne Shuffle Meet! *Promotion*

Date: September 5th, 2009 Time: 12pm - Whenever (: Where: Melbourne, Federation Square Comment If Interested In Coming! (At The Normal Spot To Start With) As Shown In Video Next To The BMW Edge. Music Will Be Suplied On Speakers, But If Anyone Knows Of Something Better Let Us Know Bring Your Ipod's If Want To Play Own Music Etc. Please Help Spread This Video, Or Even Upload It Yourself! Need To Know More, Contact : Song Name: Oasis (Scot Project Remix) - Paragliders Edited By Ninja Video Will Eventually Be Deleted.
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11 Responses to “September 5th 2009, Melbourne Shuffle Meet! *Promotion*”

  1. i want to organize a shuffle meetup at fed square!!!!
    if u know any 1 thats interested plz message or comment me back!!

  2. where is da footage ????

  3. BigfellaTM says:

    fully sik bro!

  4. hardstyle2damaximum says:


  5. DanceAlliancekrew says:

    and why did you reply to me?? 😐 😐

  6. DarkKnightzkrew says:

    lame cbf going well be gay

  7. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    suck nuts. (:

  8. as if
    put my vid up

  9. AngelsOFBassCrew says:



    eh.. it’s been done.

    ill be there 🙂 🙂


  11. AngelsOFBassCrew says:

    ye be there 🙂