I see some improvement in my shuffling, The video has nothing to do with sex, but i thought i'd call it that. Umm Like comment add subcribe for more video's, i make video's just about every day, not because i have no life, it's because i love shuffling, and i squeeze time in. But anyways, thanks for the feedback and support. =D GAME|BSC| Duke

Epic Phat Pants Shuffle Swedish

NBC - Nuclear Ballerina Crew. Having fun with Melbourne shuffle. Playlist: 1. Zelda Song Of Storms Windmill Song Remix 2. Jon The Baptist & DJ Chuck-E - If I Do (Tube Tonic Overdrive Remix) 3. Masif DJ's - Heart of Asia (Steve Hill vs. D10 Remix) 4. Oryon Vs Ron van den Beuken - V2.0 Radio Edit 5. Fast Foot - Toy Killer ( Speaker Killer 7.0 )
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Sex – A Melbourne shuffle Video. Duke”

  1. dalton1000102 says:

    @BatmanDodek still dre gorillas on drums remix

  2. BatmanDodek says:

    Coool style :3
    What is the name of the 1. song ?

  3. hardstyleking200 says:

    Lolwut. Shuffling is for any genre. And Dukeyboy Noticed Your Style Has Gotten More Advanced since I Last Spoke. I’ve Been Making Music And Not Shuffling as much i got back from Australia at a rave few weeks back was good never had the chance to shuffle though.

    H.S.R  Perfections

  4. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    S-E-X !

  5. dalton1000102 says:

    @PeeAre0 umm. no its not at all. Melbourne shuffle can be done to any type of music with bass, hardstyle is a genre of music, and besides i shuffled too hardstyle in here anyways. But thanks for the feedback.

  6. melbourne shuffle is usually to hardstyle but nice (:

  7. love it!

  8. DevastationOfficial says:

    Class Video Its The Sex !!!

    Love The Song Choices Too But One Thing Is Wrong Here .. Manchester United Suck 😉

  9. dennismrak says:

    @M1dd3e3 Heatwave.multiply.com

  10. Hardsnailstylezz94 says:

    pizzapapan good appetite 😀

  11. MrDanny9598 says:

    sweden is about to rock the world 2012 😀 LET’S DO IT!

  12. Var är detta inspelat?
    Sjukt snyggt gjort också!!

  13. More PIZZAPAPPAN! /watch?v=nv16VvwAQhE

  14. illedeiller says:

    Pizzapappan <3 VILKEN JÄVLA TAKT HAN HAR!

  15. ccconnorgonewild says:

    I’m a Swedish shuffler to

  16. ccconnorgonewild says:

    Same here draycots117

  17. Kids like this make me proud to be Swedish.

  18. keenanfriday285 says:

    @OrrisOfDaggerspine lol FUCK asians 🙂 but i gotta go with american shufflers and australia shufflers because i think Hsu/Impact is good for Us shuffling and i think swedes are really good too 😀

  19. It was nice to watch, it was like this video hypnotized me :p and i couldnt stop watching!

  20. Är det Malmö. För det liknar Bo01 i malmö

  21. xXHrdBassXx says:

    @OrrisOfDaggerspine no we cant cuz we have reach that asian level of doing stuff then they have reach some kind off godmode and will be smarter than computers and count fqaster than calculators the end is coming close to us now

  22. ska också börja ha glidmedel under skorna 🙂

  23. @kewsin var ifrån köpte ni era phats 😛 skulle verkligen vilja veta hittar bara sånna från australien typ snälla svara :)

  24. betongchild says:

    @OrrisOfDaggerspine HAHAHAHAHAHA
    are you serious?..

  25. togoodforu100 says:

    Bloody legend ill say ;)

  26. OrrisOfDaggerspine says:

    We swedes are becoming the new Asian level of doing stuff.

  27. o.O asian level 😛

  28. roscoeXxxX says:

    thumbs up this post if you think if you where one of those people you would of rather A; asked them if they where famous B: took out a camera and video taped him or C: not be like the people in the background playing soccer and watch the whole d*m thing

  29. luckynumero says:

    Kusin looks like kush from the first glance; the in looks kind of like a lower case H. kind of insignificant but i thought it was cool

  30. MegaWowfreak1337 says:

    chose a level norway easy normal hard veteran usa swedish 

  31. TheLucasOffcial says:

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  32. bloggtjejernas says:

    fyfan vad awesome! :D

  33. Lionfronthenorth says:

    Pizzapappan va rätt kul 😛

  34. excellent video to watch…

    thank you very much for your post.

    “without sex there is no life actually”