SHFL shuffle at Maroondah festival. Keep an eye out for SHFL event near you!!! Ft. King. Hiltzy. Jniex. Mikki.

A Shuffle Compilation of my 10 favorite shufflers for now. I had another 10 more but i chose the best ones so yeh.Shufflers range from areas of melbourne to Sydney. Heres the vid. Shufflers in Order: Beau Art0fwar(dont know your name) Sesso Sercan Aiidz Mikky Ace Sonic Rockett Imzeh Songlist: 1.Phil York & Dark By Design - Alright 2.Zappaman - Sexual healing (Power in da club mix) 3.Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos - Bass Lovers ep part 2 4.Sam Punk vs. DJ The Crow - DAP 2007 5.Sully - Your Turn 6.Phil York & Dark By Design - Heaven & Hell 7.Mind Hunterz - Hard 8.Expose - Madagascar (Dark By Design remix) Comment Rate Subscribe Enjoy.

25 Responses to “SHFL shuffle at Maroondah festival”

  1. IKESHUFFLE says:

    mikky is the best

  2. leefiey13 says:

    i like sonic the most(3:07)
    best skills, best song:p
    best clothes(i don’t like them, but they’re nice to shuffle with)

  3. CheeseThaGimp says:

    Wollongong mikky ftw 🙂

  4. GREAT VID 😀 … whats the song that sonic shuffles to ????????

  5. killimig99 says:

    what song at 3:08???? please reply (its not Mind Hunterz Hard)

  6. andy18edwards says:

    Mikki is the best!!!

    His moonwalk epic lol

  7. killimig99 says:

    its not about their age ist about how good they are dumbass

  8. GameFreakTV1 says:

    yeah yeah australia INVENTED the shuffle. thats why it was originally called the MELBOURNE shuffle

  9. GameFreakTV1 says:

    yeah you know these would be good but its all fucking 12 year olds doing it with socks in their living room

  10. sick video cuz.

  11. BMXarevalo says:

    those phats pants are gross :/

  12. TGShuffle says:



  13. sonic was the best 😀

  14. anthonyw8267 says:

    I like the style of the 1st and third shufflers

  15. violentrockz says:

    yea its really hard to shuffle with no socks

  16. ccshufflers says:

    No socks is the best 😀

  17. nice0:45 not socks wow

  18. goonashuffle96 says:

    wot about brisbane?

  19. jaydog848 says:

    nice shuffeing dude, i (might)?? put some of mine own on there

  20. bro the songlist is in description LOL

  21. Hardstyle784 says:

    what song was rockett shuffling to

  22. jus4fun1989 says:

    Mikkis moonwalk was the best part he was alll and i was all

  23. Deadlyknife19 says:

    cool video

  24. Nice Video !! 5/5*

    plz watch


  25. whos has the song Mind Hunterz – Hard