ShIA - Lekkz Melbourne Shuffling

Okay so this is it, me shuffling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Please comment! And give some feedback if wanted, I'd love reading hints from you! Songs in this video: B-Front & Jones - Lunatick (Noisecontrollers Remix) Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
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Hey guys, new vid.. hope you enjoy. Subscribe for more! Editor - ... Thanks heaps for the edit bro :DI owe you heaps ^_^ Song: Tube Tonic And DJ Shandar - Brainstorm (Club Mix)(Thankyou for 250 views! (:)
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29 Responses to “ShIA – Lekkz Melbourne Shuffling”

  1. fayyllfayyll says:

    @dejikokijed yeah thx dude!! subscribe if u want cuz there will be more vids to come 🙂

  2. dejikokijed says:

    @fayyllfayyll Thanks for your support, I do my best 😀 I’ll take your advice. Thanks for watching and giving some feedback :D (I’m gonna watch all your vids, which look great)

  3. fayyllfayyll says:

    try some glides and more kick T-stepping u know what i mean? it looks great though!!! ur hands movements r extremely orginial which is awesome so yeah maybe just add some glides and more kick T-stepping!!!

  4. misaichigo7 says:

    AH! Me olvidé una cosita. Sos SEXY cuando shuffleas ;D

  5. misaichigo7 says:

    Te amo lindo! Me encantás en ese video! 😀 Pensar que cuando lo vi por primera vez eramos solamente amigos e.e ahora somos novios! Y por alguna razón, me gusta como bailás todavía más :3 Bueno, todo vos e.e <3

  6. hace uno mas corto pero sakado bolo xD

  7. leeonization says:

    muy bien cholo me copo JAJAJAJAJ CHOLO XD

  8. 2:45-3:00 FTW xDDDDD

  9. LadyWinter13 says:

    enseñame a hacer eso hdp!!!! xD
    me encantan tus pantalones :3
    saludos 😉


  10. Amazing! :O

  11. OHMYGOD!… xD.. nice my dear bro!.. very nice!

  12. misaichigo7 says:

    Lekkz Rules!

  13. misaichigo7 says:

    You are so Pro 😛
    Teach me how to dance like that lol

  14. feoypeste1 says:

    vivaaa ~~~~~~

    q flasheras las vueltas violentas (L)

    nunca aprendi a mover las manos siquiera xD ajajajajajja

  15. great shuffle guys:)) liked^^

  16. :)

  17. Wow 😀
    Reaallyy gotten SO much better!<3

    BassMasters ; Chloee <3

  18. KathleenAnne26 says:

    looks wicked (:

    KitKat. <3

  19. Gratz bro
    Great shuffle
    -LEDzn Animal

  20. Nice ^^

    BI – MaYaa

  21. nicee brother *-*

  22. great *.* <3

  23. wahlaonousernameone says:

    real smooth!

  24. KingsleySHUFFLE says:

    your doing veryyyyy good bro 😀


  25. lance85898589 says:

    Great styles great collab I love you guys

  26. TonyHardDancer says:

    I love this song !
    The editing is perfect bro and ur shuffle is awesome, keep it up
    Tony Lopez

  27. mountedxsmerf says:

    @ShoxShufflerOfficial cheers bro ! 😀

  28. mountedxsmerf says:

    CHURRH BRAH!! <3

  29. ShoxShufflerOfficial says:

    Mad edit tom, youre a legend g!
    BS | Shox