Shuffelle, my shuffle-hero :3 A compilation made on my own free will!!! all views + ratings go to Shuffelle herself ^_^
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffelle, shuffle legend? Hell Yeah!!!”

  1. 284516Alex says:

    Hell yea I’d fuck her 2

  2. destructivefatso01 says:

    I’d fuck the shit outt her nd her shuffling body 😛


  4. MrAndrew1015 says:

    ew whack. screw hardstyle

  5. your a mad shuffler but i think i can do better though

  6. renxelokoloryyr says:


  7. this chick is a self-absorbed loser

  8. classic…..but nice, …. not much upper body movements on her. In my shuffle years many people combining their body dance movements with the music, not only legs… arms, head, or even hat tricks.

  9. so hot…

  10. @Destrillion hahahha xD

  11. Destrillion says:

    @SouthWestShuffler well, I dont want her to let people think like “Elle has a beat problem” or “Destrillion, having any beat probs?”

  12. ign4ac57io says:

    dam she gets down hey would sbe teach anyone cuz ive alwahs wanted to learn

  13. Looks quite good : )
    Especially for men,… 😉

  14. Shuffle43v3r says:

    omg… marry me…

  15. it’s good

  16. SouthWestShuffler says:

    we all know elle is a class shuffler so y did u go and speed all of these vidz up .!? iv seen all of these originals der alot slower

  17. im in looooveeee <3

  18. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    right….. lol i knew that.. just checking!! :-))
    were loving you here in Israel babe!!! keep rocking !

  19. Destrillion says:

    @Shuffling69Israeli i only used one, lol

  20. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    your amazing elle!!!!

    whats the first song?? it rocksssss

  21. Elle does awesome running man :DD

  22. dancetoenlightenment says:

    This song fits soooooooooooooooooooooooo well to her style oh damn. GOOD choice mate.

  23. @Destrillion Thanks man 😉

  24. Destrillion says:

    @PNTBaldur Brennan Heart – Just As Easy

  25. Could you please tell us the name of the song……..

    That would be nice