Tracks? READ ! SUBSCRIBE This happend towards the end of the school year where there was absolutely nothing to do. My friends Triggerz/ German -(6month Shuffler) took me out of my art class and we went to their English class for a little fun. Of course there was a mini-party going on in there but i didn't get any food :[ (as you can see in the background) The battles in this vid weren't neccesarily to hate on each other but rather to share skills and techniques. Light shows were really awesome thanks to Melissa and the other dude. PS i didn't know what song that guy was jerkin to so i just put a random one up. Don't hate just appreaciate how far shufflings gone. =] ENJOY! -Jimbo Thanks for the 20k views. Here's the Tracklist: Harder Faster Stronger (Hard Kandy Mix) September- Cry For you FUKKK OFF- Rave is King CMS- I'ma Beast Kidd Kaos- HC1 Kidd Kaos- Bitch David Guetta- Love is Gone ATB- Ecstacy Oceanlabs- Beautiful Together Thanks don't forget to subscribe.

25 Responses to “Shuffle and Jerk in Class”

  1. patheTeriffic says:

    Its in the description 😉

    Kidd Kaos- Bitch

  2. patheTeriffic says:

    its all in the video information 😉

    FUKKK OFF- Rave is King

  3. KleenePriss says:

    das ist ein hammer video *_* mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen :DD <3

  4. FliegenPilzify says:

    the song at 2:00, whats name ?

  5. Byez360 says:

    no this is a youtube video.

  6. alejandro1010able says:

    wre this video takin

  7. PLAT281 says:

    is this the remedial english classroom?

  8. shufflingeek says:

    what was the song at 4:00?

  9. FreeFlippin312 says:

    Oh god the 2nd guy really needs to cut his hair. O_O

  10. Ms3dd13 says:

    i meet the 3 guys dance. what the name of the song

  11. CoDMoDz727 says:

    Hey Everybody! The Teachers Not Here Lets Have A Rave!

  12. sasuke21naruto says:

    harder better faster stronger Hard Kandy Mix DJ Scot Project 😀

  13. I am practicing my running man and tstep. I put a video up of me doing it. There is something really off about my shuffling in general though, but I can’t tell exactly what. Anyone care to check the video and give me feedback/comment on it to tell me what I am doin wrong? Thanks

  14. iBarrageTbh says:

    The first asian kid to shuffle at 4:42 is a beast.
    Id shuffle with him anyday.

  15. can you tell me all the songs please

  16. edgar1234530 says:

    the first guy is beast asfk

  17. FletcherWolfe says:

     dude love that cooment

  18. MayoNadez says:

    Hahaha kid needs a haircut. Smh

  19. Bigben6674 says:

    can someone explain the glowing finger gloves thing to me lol doesn’t make any sense to me.

  20. Andrewfunction says:

    I only liked when jimbo shuffled.

  21. Little0Monster1 says:

    boy with red shirt and black’re disgusting

  22. dakota90994 says:

    the guy in the red plad shirt cant dance to save his life

  23. MrVinny360 says:

    thats great you better make more videos because i’m not subscribing for nothing.

  24. thomascolin12 says:

    Shuffling…. > jerk.. jerk = gay

  25. haiCnote says:

    they def got laid that day.