Shuffle At Meetup + Hardcore Shuffle Hi all^^ this is a video of me shuffling at Antwerp meetup 3 here in Belgium and some shuffling at the end on hardcore^^ enjoy feel free to comment and rate^^ song list: - Headhunterz - Rock Civilization (Technoboy's Underground) - Noisecontrollers - Venom (Wildstylez Remix) - Amnesys - Elevation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffle At Meetup + Hardcore Shuffle”

  1. jman1359822342 says:

    that spin at 1:05 just like made my day <3 that is the most epic spin ive ever seen 😀

  2. michey2011 says:

    thats almost more jumpsyle than shuffling

  3. No offense but I like white shuffling over black and spanish shuffling (and I’m black o.o)

  4. KatMonsterBunny says:

    How did u learn ? please reply

  5. djsebas805 says:

    Man that song at 0:55 sounded like it came out if DDR

  6. ItzKrizzayBruhz says:

    how the fuck do ppl shuffle to hardcore?? its too fast i can never pull it off >.<

  7. DanielAlva98 says:

    This is one of my favorite videos of all time

  8. TheMagicNumb3r says:

    You suck :/

  9. xXSonicXBenXx says:

    @sputnik11111 ok ima fag and im proud i dont give a fuck

  10. sputnik11111 says:

    @xXSonicXBenXx FAAGGGGG

  11. xXSonicXBenXx says:

    @sputnik11111 FUCK U PEICE OF SHIT

  12. sputnik11111 says:

    @xXSonicXBenXx ur a fag

  13. miguelpardo123 says:

    @ShuffleRules666 why

  14. xXSonicXBenXx says:

    @ShuffleRules666 kool im sryy if i was mean

  15. ShuffleRules666 says:

    I’m really happy for those 3rd graders!^^

  16. xXSonicXBenXx says:

    not to be mean or anything but i c 3rd graders shuffle better no offense

  17. kryptxkid86 says:

    can u like teach me how to do that?

  18. MrBartjeuhh says:

    Very Nice 😀

  19. MrDarklord132 says:

    lol you rock =D

  20. ninjacat9944 says:

    nice shuffling hopefully when i watch this a lot i can shuffle like that but im still ok

  21. CalebArgetlam says:

    @solidsnakevideoz mostly for looks, but it also helps to stabilize their moves, especially when lifting their legs up in the air and swinging them around. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL not really. they just wear them for looks. that plus Parachute pants = what every shuffler should look like. ^_^

  22. brittanney09 says:

    i am the 234 to like this video

  23. TheMZhillary says:

    whoa………mega props to the last guy that was shuffling…

  24. VitorBullets says:

    the first music……..
    everyday i crack my car apart with that shit =D

  25. solidsnakevideoz says:

    Sry, im kinda new to shuffling, but y do hardcore shufflers wear those two hanging belt things around their waist??