Video Dedicado a Jaine *-*

well i turn 1 year of melbourne shuffle. Thanks for your support and the comments also. I'm going to tell you how i got in the melbourne shuffle. I was on yo...

50 Responses to “Shuffle Basics and Advanced”

  1. phaseshufflr says:

    I shuffle alot and i have to admit im pretty good. Mauramed ….. I find it easier with shoes with no grip at alll. If your able to get shoes that are new with no grip get them if not get some shoes and wear the grip out of it. Plus i find it easy to use socks

  2. Question: am I supposed to have like worn out shoes or new shoes or what?

  3. Alonzo Murz says:

    Awesome! Looks so fukin class when its done right

  4. LencaMangaArt says:

    2:10 :’O ♥

  5. first song is FTS- by showtek, 2nd song is some form of play it hard by dj jean adn the third song i cant remember even though its on my PC

  6. john kuskii says:


  7. ModestBlueberry says:

    Practice and dedication is key. Learning something new is challenging, but once you get it, the result is truly REWARDING! Back to practicing for ,Saturday’s big rave!!! Got 5 days to become a pro escape from wonderland!

  8. Timmy Robin says:

    its so hard D:

  9. Skidd Shuffle says:

    I was wainting for the advanced the whole time 🙁

  10. Chris Chuchua says:

    showtek fts

  11. CoalMyn1382 says:

    Nice shit, dude. Thanks for making this.

  12. HopOffTheDBro says:

    It takes an effort to learn.

  13. Samuel Hauda says:

    LOL u used the live edit of Showtek FTS

  14. TheSuperOther says:

    yes. yes it is. and for whatever reason, a lot of people get really pissed when you mistake it for shuffling. XD

  15. MegaTechno22 says:

    Ne1 know the name of the songs??? By the way its hard to shuffle hahah

  16. HSO Gizmo says:

    then practice
    or learn by watching others

  17. нехрена не видно!

  18. music ?

  19. kommeru på winter? :D

  20. dani18biggie says:

    the third song is my song, its called “play it hard by dj dean”

  21. krullan vajda says:

    sitting on DH and every one can shuffle so… i want to know how to do it xD

  22. thekingofcactus says:

    Go really slow at first, muscle memory>speed when you start

  23. Shoune Savicic says:

    Its not hard its easy if u keep doin it in half an hour ull get it 🙂

  24. FreeRealmsFleXiN says:

    Every one below and above me give it up YOUR A FAT FOOL and will never be able to do this and did i get your attione good Just practive and u will achieve love u guys

  25. Tania Molinar says:

    super easy at the beginning

  26. David Case says:

    Damn Your Good! Check Out My Vid I’ve Been Shuffling 1 Month Tell Me What You Think And What iCan Improve On!

  27. i wonder y they call u chiken lido haha good job

  28. TheAwesomemusicgirl says:

    Hey if you want to enter a contest for shuffling go to my channel. I HAVE A SHUFFLING CONTEST!! enter it’s cool

  29. luis ortiz says:

    yes :D

  30. are u in a crew??

  31. Cameron Mayes says:

    plz check out my vid been shuffling for lke 3 months left video response

  32. Cameron Mayes says:

    plz check out my vid been shuffling for like 3 months

  33. nice

    keep it up ^^

  34. arriva las chivas

  35. luis ortiz says:

    El Gallinero by Ramirez its a remix :)

  36. KAV3MAN92 says:

    wtf paisas cant shuffle lol jk..check my shit out ive been doin it for 6 weeks but i watch alot of vids and do it almost every day

  37. hermitzrock says:

    haha chivas! chicano shuffle FTW!

  38. COTIJApredatorFilms says:

    lol chivas

  39. fuckin’ mad man…you got it!

  40. mad respect

  41. luis ortiz says:

    well i saw it by the master none other than Bigmilan himself i saw his tutorials and learn it lol =)

  42. gimmeurchipz says:

    where did you learn bro? online or did you get personal lessons..Ive bee shufflin 3 months and im near enough to ur level, I’d love to shuffle with u >:)

  43. luis ortiz says:

    thanks 🙂

  44. ur sik

  45. luis ortiz says:

    exactly bro =)

  46. JasonGSHUFFLE says:

    shuffle is to express
    not to impress

  47. infam0usKid says:

    i learned how to do this in 3 weeks

  48. luis ortiz says:

    yeah im mexican and YEAH arriba las Chivas =)

  49. u1n2k3n4o5w6n7 says:

    hello bro, are you mexican? i am mexican too.
    you dance so good 5/5
    y arriva las chivas.

  50. greymantis says:

    ur ok… id say you were better but youve been doing it for a year..
    ill be that good in a month… ive only been shuffling for a month and my running man looks so much smoother than urs but then again phat pants help with looks >.>