This is a shuffle battle of my two favorite shufflers: William and Francis. So, who is the best? Please comment and rate *-*

Electro Shuffle Hawaii 2

-10 months of shuffling- Part 3: Shufflers: + Justice [Kahala//HI] + Funky [Oak Harbor//WA] + Keola [Hilo//HI]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

52 Responses to “Shuffle Battle: HSK William vs MVS Francis by Isaah”

  1. shahchulan says:

    Francis LOL . He’s gay !

  2. cumbucketyum says:

    There called “Phat pants.”

  3. funkyshiz00 says:

    francis is better cuz hes doin on bare feet

  4. MrSuperguy93 says:

    were can i find hardstyle pants

  5. portanatic says:


  6. Megan Jackson says:

    Dude, nobody even asked about Jesus. : stfu

  7. Aleksandar Popovic says:

    francis is the best of course

  8. LeeeroyJenkems says:

    francis is good but he has no style….william is much more artistic….like an asian mikki

  9. ArreGee173 says:


  10. TF2ScoutFromBoston says:

    Nah Sacco from HSA is way better

  11. TheOnikitsu says:

    Well aren’t you a dumbass that takes things too seriously. It’s the internet bro. Chill. :0

  12. tracklist?

  13. LovelyMyDearly says:

    They’re both beyond good, but Francis is best to me. William is great tho, he’s got the whole awesomeness going on. MVS Drancis all the way tho. Francis was the one that got me into shuffling.

  14. portanatic says:

    Your comment makes no sense.
    Francis is sliding his feet on the floor while jesus walked on the water.
    jesus got born about 2000 years ago, francis about 10 thru 17

  15. zombinater43 says:

    I’ve been a Francis fan soo ya. That person is the reason I started shuffling. I’d post videos but after seeing Francis shuffle its like nah don’t bother keep your dignity. And rep.

  16. xDPHILIPPx says:


  17. xKeKzzex says:

    my internet lags

  18. xKeKzzex says:

    name of the sonfgg at 1:38

  19. ricardo2009ify says:

    what’s the name of the last song? :O

  20. metal350z says:

    francis MVS pro

  21. TheOnikitsu says:

    Francis is the one who taught Jesus to walk on water.

  22. Endignation says:

    Francis looks a like Sasuke xD

  23. msunrise7 says:

    i think francis was the best …….. he looks like he is air waking

  24. MrYudiBr says:

    song at 2:42 please

  25. 95thethekyle says:

    ive always like francis he is the best ggooooo francis

  26. OnlyOneSkippy says:

    awe any 1 know what the song name is?

  27. supreme1193 says:

    Dear Justizz. . .
    can u tell me how u do that spin? (0:48-0:51).
    Everytime i try, i feel its wrong moves.

  28. a cow costume? oookaaay…

  29. shikamaru789 says:

    justice your a fukking bau5 if i ever run into you at a event in hawaii bro imma strate up bow down to you shuffle fukking god!

  30. HSRshuffleboy says:

    Wow, very nice improvement! (Y) 🙂
    …songname please?

  31. what is the name of songs?

  32. saginiynn says:

    like justice^^

  33. Michael Chauval says:

    funky you’re looking pretty funky there 😉 nice cow udder.

  34. theninjamaster808 says:

    —-> watch?v=_shk2tWc8yE <---- NEW ELECTRO SHUFFLE HAWAII #3

  35. theninjamaster808 says:

    just got done filming some new footage guys… electro shuffle hawaii should be up later on tonight!

  36. watsonmendes says:

    Kyakkk like!!

  37. kalitoable says:

    I like it, go up again, and I’m practicing the … this is great

  38. TheP3DRo0 says:

    as the song is called?

  39. DaviddCasee says:

    Dang Yall Really Good! Check Out My Vid I’ve Been Shuffling 1 Month Tell Me What iCan Improve On (:

  40. theninjamaster808 says:

    wow, wouldn’t it be cool if Electro Shuffle Hawaii did a COLD BLANK edition??!

  41. karpunit says:

    cause hes being funky lol

  42. O0olobotekoo0O says:

    no esto
     se le llama electro shuffle amm lo tiene escrito en el titulo saludos justice!!!!

  43. elemix27 says:

    Why a cow suit? lol

  44. chrisblack6demon says:

    this is real shuffle !!

  45. EwaJAnna says:

    I love you, Justice.
    I want to shuffle like you.

  46. Birne333 says:

    awesome! how long did it take to shuffle as good as you do now?

  47. lsanalio says:

    dayuhm! you sick hahaha FUNKY i luuurve your costume..keep doin what you starting to like shuffling now…partyrockn tyme:)

  48. ULTIMATEZuriko says:

    HEY !Really nice vid ! IF YOU LOVE ELECTRO SHUFFLE then chek out my new vid 🙂 i have been shufling for 1,5 years .and i would appriciaate if you could chek out my vid and sub 🙂­­M 🙂

  49. nice!!! ^^!!! espero los tutoriales !! e.e!

  50. ReaginicSnow says:


  51. K guys immr be honest with all of you right now, yeahr its ok to idolise a shuffler, i myself used to think francis was the best shuffler ever, but at the end of the day no mater how god somebody is at something, you can alays end up that one step better if you guys get up off your asses, stop arguing about the irrelevant little bits of information people get wrong, and do some shuffling… you’ll thank youurself for it later on, btw if you want proof that you can be better than francis, i shuld be putting up some videos at some point under “TDA – James”… so keep an eye out ahk? they should be coming up some time this month or next month 🙂

  52. iv gotta admit though, francis is still pretty epic :p