Video of some of the members of the Vishes Shufflers. Some of the members are as they appear; 1st Nick aka. Techno (all in black), 2nd Josh aka. Rexer (Grey muscle shirt), 3rd Javier aka. Reptile (Blue Faux Hawk), 4th Joseph aka. Non-Stop (Injured Head... lmfao), 5th Angel aka. Party Boy (Brown Shirt), 6th Brandon aka. Crazy Legs (Purple Vans). Note that NOT all that appear are from Vishes Shufflers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffle Dance”

  1. MsLuky23 says:

    Cigani pojebani

  2. TheTransformer84 says:

    what is the first song playing. good video

  3. cristix801 says:


  4. mase808ify says:

    They should start a shuffle team

  5. rager901 says:

    The first one was best!

  6. vision4eternity says:

    Where are you guys from?

  7. VictorDan05 says:

    I love this , so does my son and nephew .. This is one of the best , the rest of the shuffle videos on YouTube suck!!! Keep it up

  8. TheMaribel7872 says:


  9. TheMaribel7872 says:


  10. TheMaribel7872 says:


  11. MrLachapiz59 says:

    The kid with gray has a nice butt lol

  12. CHUFFLER5 says:


  13. lilliandecamps says:

    Wow those kids got moves! XD

  14. XxstarxX666xX says:

    That little boy in the beginning was bad ass. .

  15. mittens251 says:

    Kid with the long hair looks like mogley

  16. Manderr098 says:

    The little boy in the blue omg too cutee!!!!

  17. LilMsfucklove says:


  18. DcJones25 says:

    That’s dope!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. MrDIEGO9797 says:

    I wish my family could all shuffle, only a couple of us can 🙁 so its awkward being like the only person who can shuffle at family party’s ._.

  20. poopooloohoo says:


  21. stellflop says:

    Go little nick. One big shuffle family

  22. hotNeOn7 says:

    you should do more shuffle video!! theyre really good!!!

  23. BequuiiGtz says:

    Whats the name of the first song?… Someone tell me please :3

  24. IamAllanNami says:

    Now,how old is Nick??

  25. efeezy2600 says:

    Wow! the fist kid is frakin amazing he killed the dance floor.. Mahn! dat lil kid wit the blue mohawk goes hella hard! even the baby was hitin’ it! Great job keep it up..