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25 Responses to “Shuffle Girl (Original)”

  1. ebertmorales10606 says:

    I really like your moves at 22s, really fast movement there. Love it!

  2. AnnoymouSZoM5 says:

    does anyone else see the guy in the mirror behind her?

  3. MrPetike82 says:

    Volume:■■■■■■■■■□ 90%

    ♥ Shuffle Girl ♥ (◕‿◕✿)

  4. dereklaw11 says:

    talented, cute, and sick song choice (;

  5. @RebelMusic483 And yet you claim to be such an expert on rave history / culture you leap all over me for lamenting the hipsterization of an Australian rave dance?

    Sigh. Just sigh.

  6. RebelMusic483 says:

    @Valyn66 You’re right, I have no clue what your talking about.

  7. @RebelMusic483 Sigh. I’m not talking about the “hay day” for raves, now am I? I’m talking about the shuffling scene, the hay day of which, was undoubtedly in the 90’s, especially the mid-90’s, Melbourne.

    I’m sorry you’re so jaded about things. I really am. Because that’s not what the scene has ever been about.

    PLE. PLUR. Somewhere along the line you forgot what that means and I genuinely pity you for it. Lay off the “I’m right, you’re wrong” nonsense. You look foolish.

  8. RebelMusic483 says:

    @Valyn66 Once again you are remembering what you choose to remember. The hay-day for raves what not in the mid 90’s in Melbourne… It was in the late 80’s early 90’s in the U.K. before they (and the rest of the world) started passing laws. Your 36 you should know better. Or get out of your bubble.

  9. Amazing dance cant wait to see more

  10. liyahluver92 says:

    @Marcelafraza yay whats your twitter name?

  11. @Valyn66 I did read it, and I meant the people who are bothered to learn the steps should just be able to do it, but I understand your point if people young kids dont bother and just do one thing it must fustrate people. Not much of a shuffler myself so im no expert however I do break dance and street dance and the same thing happens there. so I feel you

  12. MrWindmillHut says:

    Your the most beautiful girl I’ve seen shuffle before^-^

  13. @fcardona84 I guess if your idea of “flavor” is getting stepped on and bumped into by kandy kids and hipsters in phatties at every single rave, I can concede the point. I’ll guess we’ll just have to disagree on that one.

  14. @RebelMusic483 I’m 36, actually. If you honestly believe the “good times” for shuffling weren’t in mid-90’s Melbourne, you were either never in Melbourne or had a bad attitude at the time and got jaded.

    But it was a whole different scene back then. You have a very pessimistic perspective. Once the mainstream “shuffle” scene that’s come from that stupid LMFAO “Party Rock” song dies down (as all things hipster inevitably do) we might get our scene back.

  15. @Kaeldrom You didn’t actually read my comments. I wasn’t referring to the girl in this video. She’s a good shuffler, fine.

    I just randomly watched this (I don’t usually watch shuffle videos) and it reminded me of how mainstream the scene has gotten. It’d be all fine and good if people actually learned the dance. But these days it’s just young kids in phatties stepping on people and causing mayham at raves. They don’t bother to learn the scene; they just imitate the music video.

  16. RebelMusic483 says:

    @Valyn66 At 30 years old it’s safe to say I have clothes that have been to more raves than you. You are choosing to remember only the good like everyone who pines for a time long ago. It didn’t exist then, and it will never exist in the future.

  17. thevideosCM says:

    Simplesmente foda! Deu até vontade de aprender a dançar shuffle agora!

  18. ChachiisaRGee says:

    Waow how u get the motion so well cause of this vid i wanna shuffle now (-_-) but i cant i look like an idiot walkin in place n almost falling

  19. Marcelafraza says:


  20. Marcelafraza says:

    omg! i loved! you dance so much!!! i’m following on twitter

  21. xXDjOdysseyXx says:

    man i love how we take old phraspes like thats vocal that feeling that im feeling bet none of you no the orignal its a classic house tune

  22. @Valyn66
    From an outsiders view like my own who doesn’t shuffle, I’v read both your comments and I don’t think it matters if it becomes popular and mainstream if this girl above wish’s to be a shuffler than I don’t see the problem tbh.

  23. Waow, you make me dream, I think I could watch you dancing for hours. Perfect music, wonderful body, and impressive beauty, it’s hard to not fall in love =)

    A french fan xx

  24. Fucken amazing

  25. fcardona84 says:

    @Valyn66 It’s a good thing that shuffling went mainstream. Competition is good for any dance style because it brings out the best in us. And it makes the dance more interesting as it evolves. I’m a b-boy at heart and was so glad to see the dance grow internationally. It has brought a new “flavor” to the dance because everyone has their own style/interpretation of the dance. I see shuffling and all other underground type of dances the same. Evolution is what keeps it alive.