New vid for a new year))) Hope u like it)) Leave your comments and thanks for watching! song- basshunter_-_jingle_bells_jingle_bass ♥MERRY CHRISTMAS♥

25 Responses to “Shuffle girl PredatoR – Merry Christmas 2011”

  1. unihockeyfreak says:

    hahah zviiiil^^

    nice one 😉

  2. greivin960 says:

    yea aaa i like this vid , and the girl too.

  3. mrfatflaps says:

    love the vid u sexy as hell 😛 but i think if your guna shuffle to songs like that u need to speed up just a tiney bit ( your shuffling not the vid) 😛

  4. MyPaulo64 says:

    eu comia….BRAZIL!

  5. normais15 says:

    Nice Shuffling! I love how you presented it. keep it up because you’ll be at the top soon.

  6. i have a feeling because he will fall out from the buidling =D

  7. jaskari1 says:

    @PredatoR4KsU aaaaaaah! i had no idèa hahah

  8. alfredpmctitties says:

    Make sure you let me know when you upload it sweety 🙂

  9. PredatoR4KsU says:

    @alfredpmctitties TNX)) Soon i want to upload my new vid with my new FLUFFIES))))

  10. alfredpmctitties says:

    so cute and you can definitely shuffle! nice song choice btw

  11. PredatoR4KsU says:

    @jaskari1 I mean merry christmas song and 2011 year)))
    but I like the version of TIME TRAVELLER))

  12. jaskari1 says:

    merry x-mas 2011…? is it just me or is she a…… TIME TRAVELLER!!!?? O.o ZOMFG!!

  13. XxXMonkeyPunchXxX says:

    ehhehe girls can shufle 😛

  14. shufflefailerXP says:

    whats the song??? ?

  15. Rimdaugas1989 says:

    keep it up:)

  16. Not bad shuffling, could use some gliding thrown in there though and then it would look epic! 😀

  17. PredatoR4KsU says:

    @6l9mysterio :)))))) tnx)

  18. 6l9mysterio says:


    1. HOT GIRL

  19. Zebadane says:

    At first u were going slow speed before the real beat started then i noticed its ur real speed, ur pretty slow but its ok ^_^

  20. BatmanDodek says:


  21. BoongieItalianSHFLER says:

    @BoongieItalianSHFLER if u r going to shuffle with those skirts again i suggest to spin much faster and do a wider rm 😀

  22. BoongieItalianSHFLER says:

    italy want to fuck you 😀 u won hottest shuffle award without any doubt

  23. MrLeeShuffle says:

    Girl Add My In Your MSN !!!

    By : Lee Ceridorio [Shuffler]

  24. mancasok says:


  25. arelav666 says:

    у тебя фэйсбоок есть?)))