Haven't really danced to my favorite genre in a while, Eurodance! Comments and critique appreciated! Song: Saphira - Just 4 you (verano remix)

18 Responses to “Shuffle – Just 4 U”

  1. Andrej Michael says:

    inspiration very cool, big creds

  2. SkrableSkrible says:

    No problem. ^-^

  3. Juugo2008 says:

    Liked it because the style is your own :]

  4. Andrej Michael says:

    well, i really dont get how to make fast spinns from the t-foot (like you
    do at 1:31) in a stable way… basicly i just figured it would be cool to
    see another tut from you on how to play around with the t-foot move –
    spins, tweaks, combinations with running man, weird shit etc. whatever your
    in the mood for 😛 you got a relatively smooth style, influences me alot
    you got a smooth style that influences me alot

  5. HardstyleManchester says:

    Nice shuffle 😀 Loving the T-shirt aha

  6. Matthew Davila says:

    @RomaraAhallow the only place i think he might be talking about is 130-131?
    and also im making you a mic romara bpm at 135-140… ish

  7. starfoxseattle says:

    You are one of the best and surely one of a kind. I love your work! Sooo
    creative! (((: Sooo cool! Great Job and hope to see more from you!

  8. MCIShufflers says:

    I think you should work on covering more ground, and raising your legs just
    a tad bit higher. I’m aware this isn’t ‘hard’ music, but it’s kinda
    difficult to see if you’re even trying to shuffle or not. The technique is
    good, I like the switching T-step you do, but I think you should work a bit
    on your spins. I like Eurodance, only because it’s really melodic, and it’s
    cool if you can spin maybe 4-5 times consecutively really fast with
    trance/dance music.

  9. thefreakincarjunkie says:

    Another Winner!! And a pretty sick track to boot.

  10. Night19940607 says:


  11. jonnyboy2 says:

    😀 Nice shuffling! Fresh as always man. Don’t “share” vids on youtube
    though, that annoys me so much T-T

  12. joseCA333 says:

    I love your style man,out of all shuffle videos I’ve seen on youtube,your
    one of my 3 favs shufflers , you should put more tutorials 😀

  13. RomaraAhallow says:

    @SkrableSkrible Thanks! It’s rare these days that I get honest to god
    critique! I’ll work on it ^^

  14. RomaraAhallow says:

    @andeereyy Could you point out where I do it? I’m not quite sure what
    you’re talking about >> I’ve never considered myself that good at

  15. nyzombiefilms says:

    good vid. i like the tecktonik in between the shuffling

  16. RomaraAhallow says:

    @dragonx2040 Lol sharing is caring tho! Thx

  17. SkrableSkrible says:

    Nice Zelda shirt. =D One piece of advice, and this is still hard for me
    also. Work on covering ground to fast songs. It’s a pain in the ass but
    trust me, once you have it down, it will make slower songs hella simpler to
    cover ground on. Nice shuffle none-the-less! You style is evolving better
    and better, keep working @ it.

  18. Andrej Michael says:

    cool romara.. could you make a spin tutorial? , i dun get how you do these
    fast spins while shuffling around the t foot thingy.. would help me alot.
    anyways keep it up