***LETS MAKE 2010 THE BEST YEAR FOR SHUFFLING DON'T LET IT DIE, LETS MAKE IT GROW*** PART 2 IS HERE! www.youtube.com ~I was sick and had nothing to do~ so, I decided to make a Video for the best shufflers of 2009 I know I missed a lot but, I'll be making a part two soon! *The end is a bit cheesy * ~Shufflers~ 1. Andreezy www.youtube.com 2. Willis www.youtube.com 3. ZeZe www.youtube.com 4. Sam www.youtube.com 5. Ecco www.youtube.com 6. Mikki www.youtube.com 7. Rockettt www.youtube.com 8. JOker www.youtube.com 9. V-Flow www.youtube.com 10. SquIID www.youtube.com 11. Ebanks www.youtube.com 12. Genesis www.youtube.com 13. Jace www.youtube.com 14. Anthony www.youtube.com 15.TIMPS www.youtube.com 16.PHANTOM www.youtube.com ~Song list ~ 1. Dj Pilze - Something Completely Different. 2. One Wish (Daniel Kandy & Mark Andrez Remix) 3. Dj Shog - Feel Me (Through The Radio) (Axel Coon Remix) 4. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs. Coone - Creation of Life 5. UNKNOWN 6. UNKOWN 7.

YouTube destroyed the beat :[ The shuffle scene just got into Israel seriously...PLEASE consider It was a great meetup, one of the best ones in israel. There is a nice edit hope you will like it. Shufflers by order (and one Jumper and one Electro Dancer) PSS// Or_GaL Kirill PSS//...

50 Responses to “Shuffle Legends of 2009 Part 1”

  1. sonamaster says:

    we are shufflers uniti i like

  2. adrian23111 says:

    nice motivational speech preety epic

  3. DanielOhNo says:

    @LewyHARDSTYLE hehe 😀 just me being elitist lol how stupid of me haha so sorry

  4. DanielOhNo says:

    @LewyHARDSTYLE hehe 😀 just me being elitistik lol how stupid of me haha so sorry

  5. TheHardstyleMan4 says:

    Some hard, soft Freaky But All Talented!

  6. jiexamah says:

    well I saw only one “Legend” here… Mikki…

  7. TheHewel says:

    track at 03:15 ~ Tinnitus Dj Team – Tinnitus

  8. elmexicanitoborracho says:

    rockett music plzzz

  9. dadoofusbeats says:

    @KILnobody its malaysian one step iknow i dont like it that much

  10. hippi45yahoo says:

    whats mikkiz song??

  11. PhantomElite410 says:

    I LOVE YOU SHUFFLE <3 <3 <3

  12. KILnobody says:

    the guy at 6:40 do never 2 step -.-‘

  13. JessaTehMessa34 says:

    Fuck yeah Mikki.

  14. asmooth305 says:

    Lol can I please get the track list pleeeeeease

  15. TheKenpachi1 says:


  16. HsBSlayer1 says:

    Timps One Hop Lol…
    Nc Compi. Realy Nc Shufflers. (:
    HR Slayer

  17. alvarado12345678910 says:

    i think Melbourne shuffle is dying lol a baby just dye when i was typing this comment :S

  18. Nitr0usIII says:

    my favorite part was when they started shuffling

  19. bonethugfan says:

    Vflow looks alot like sonic

  20. dittoT1T2produtions says:

    @PepsiMaxProductions same here 😀

  21. kamaishuffl3r says:

    Don’t you hate how people say you forgot someone, when they’re in the other parts cuz they never bother to watch the other parts? Lol.

  22. PepsiMaxProductions says:

    I WANT SquIID’s PANTS!!!

  23. asmooth305 says:

    Lol awsome ending sick editing and shifflers lol this one deserves a 5/5 lol hope 2010 is better than 2009

  24. Soultrainzone says:

    song at 5:02 pls

  25. puzzymgnet12 says:

    are you guys american?

  26. ShuffleBoyXD says:

    אין עליכם כולכם פשוט מעלפים אה באיזה עיר זאת??

  27. BangingJumpers says:


  28. Duman777 says:

    Tracks pls^^
    spinboy is nice

  29. kil6997 says:

    חחח סרטון יפה

  30. conca121212 says:

    remove those masks….

  31. Thanks!!!
    But its old 😛
    Check out the new meetup vid and post a comment ;D

    Sub please 😀

  32. kalalit says:

    WOW awesome, I’m a little surprised the shufffle has such as scene ANYWHERE in the middle east 😛

    Good job Israel!!!

  33. buuuldog says:

    great shuffle.. btw,you guys should see malaysian shufflers.. especially team Hardstyle Republic.. anyway, nice job..

  34. mark123pl says:

    alevai she ani haiti makir mishehu she yodea lirkod melb shuffle halok rak tecktonik!

  35. MrFireox says:

    scantraxx is the best there

  36. bnrc123 says:

    kirill your the best !!!!!!!!

  37. bnrc123 says:

    איפה הסירטון הבה שלחם ??….!!!!

  38. aradpeleg says:

    מה השיר השני

  39. aradpeleg says:

    or gal is good

  40. yairzal says:


  41. yairzal says:

    אחי אין זה סרט בן זונה תמשיך כך

    dead freaf

  42. RenXiS47 says:

    I like how shuffle is like known all around the world. Good meetup and the shuffling wasnt bad at all.

    P.S. : Am I requesting to much to say that I want the songlist – plz 😉

  43. ghost9391 says:

    mi ze ha Elior haze? hu aia gar be Holon?

  44. RomaCanthuffle says:


  45. Vayolaitor says:

    wow dude thx….and for your qestion there wasnt any other place the regular spots where taken by others so this was the only place….and dude dont worry ill keep practice…..=)

  46. GoldTrance says:

    um..nice shuffling.
    of course you guys have alot to practice but like some of them.
    what was his name…
    he was the best there.
    others liked to but nothing special.
    lol but what a place you picked up ^^
    couldn’t search for something else?

  47. DARKKLIN1 says:

    אור יא מסכן מה אתה מוחק תגובותתת
    דפקה אהבתי את התגובה האחרונה של קילררר חחחח

  48. Vayolaitor says:

    red hoddie? who are you talking about dude?

  49. killer66664 says:

    × .ב magma הוא רוקד חרא…הדעה שלי….קיריל הוא טוב.בוא תקלל אותי אני בא לתל-אביב אני הורג אתכם…אם יש לך מוח..אתה ראית אותי פעם…אתה יודע מי אני!!!

  50. killer66664 says:

    אני אומר שהזה עם האדום הוא הומו…הדעה שלי…כתוב לי משהו ואני דוקר אותך יא מיזדיין