*WATCH PART 1FIRST* www.youtube.com *SUBSCRIBE* all these people deserve this spot in the video I'm going to make a part 3 so if you have anyone in mind I might put them in! ***LETS MAKE 2010 THE BEST YEAR FOR SHUFFLING DON'T LET IT DIE, LETS MAKE IT GROW*** ~Shufflers~ 1. ZEROX youtube.com/KevinZerox93 2. Pooka youtube.com/B20teg 3. Michael www.youtube.com/user/michaellzex 4. Breeno- youtube.com/BrenoHSK 5. Balix- youtube.com/Balix90 6. Tay- youtube.com/ tay090909 7. Shadowzz youtube.com/XESHADOWX 8. ArkAngel youtube.com/xarkangelxshufflah 9. JO youtube.com/Johannyap92 10. DARK youtube.com/SGTDark 11. MIKKY youtube.com/blmikky 12. FedEX youtube.com/ Fexiny 13. MARZY youtube.com/Marzyyy 14. Marci youtube.com/M4RCi92 15. LEN youtube.com/Leonardhall 16. SHRT youtube.com/shrt64 17. AndyPoo TO MANY ACCOUNTS! lol

25 Responses to “Shuffle Legends of 2009 Part 2”

  1. elmexicanitoborracho says:

    MICHAEEL= ??

  2. orokanaru says:

    @HsRFuRyZ lol

  3. foxoish says:

    @Lightcommercial alphazone-flashback

  4. WashingtonSHFL says:

    lol shadowzzz shucked. everyone else was good tho haha how did he make the cut??

  5. ricardovargasgarcia says:

    @TTTRafaelTTT Amber’s Theme [Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Kaos Remix]

  6. foxoish says:

    first song is alphazone-flashback

  7. Lightcommercial says:

    Someone please give me the name of the first song!

  8. dittoT1T2produtions says:

    the best shuffling mix i have seen in a long time awesome awesome work : D love first part to 🙂

  9. TranCerLoveDanCe says:

    cann i have a songlisst?

  10. JackJack2k says:

    tay is my absolute favorite!!

  11. Soultrainzone says:

    song at 2:19 pls?
    and 6:35

  12. TTTRafaelTTT says:

    Name of song or music Breeno ??

  13. xIHSxBronson says:

    Breeno tore that shit up! and he moves around.. nice style

    and PoOka! one of the oldest US shufflers besides treble rebel. andreezy came after pooka but continued to stick with just shuffle.

  14. what is the music at 2:15?????
    When Breeno dances?

  15. clentonx says:

    i’m good mates with Mikky in real life, check my videos :)))

  16. cullen0600 says:

    1.can anybody tell me the name of the song at 1:27 when Michael is shuffling?
    2.and also at 5:24 where Dark is shuffling?
    it would be much appreciated. plz and thank you.

  17. Jrocksy0 says:

    What’s the intro song ? Reply pls ty.(:

  18. OldRepublicRevan says:

    damn breeno rocks

  19. imingunit1 says:

    i love ur editing!!! u use sony vegas aswell!!! nice work. hope to c a 2010 video =P

  20. imingunit1 says:

    @NinjasOfBass r u still doing that? what about me? infact, anyone making a compilation, could you look at my video?

  21. LOUSEXO says:

    no mac-g??

  22. MrPlasticSpoon says:

    Can i be in one of your compilations?

  23. callofduty767 says:

    shuffle for life.

  24. khmerz1 says:

    so now we are in 2010 😀
    cant wait for your 2010 compilation lol

  25. thatvideoguy1993 says:

    fexiny added me on my old channel 😛 hes pretty cool guy