just watch and u will be good... hihi.

with my lil' bro -- doing the spongebob. Beginner shuffle persons. FYI.

17 Responses to “shuffle lesson”

  1. lukustukus says:

    thats c-walk!

  2. HIP HOP + C-WALK = SUCK Hardstyle + Shuffle = BEST SO DIE MF and stop call
    c-walk shuffle thats… wow.. /spit!

  3. alchemic99 says:

    jump shuffle…

  4. smokerjokerbumbah says:

    stfu…juz watch n see…if wanna comment…dunnot comment the NEGATIVE
    things…ok?if ur so good…make it ur self!

  5. CyBeRsPaCeP0ST says:

    C walk ?

  6. TheTuktuk42 says:

    Crip walk!

  7. Svatý Václav says:

    Jump Shuffle ? Did you eat mushrooms ? I think that´s C WALK and HIP HOP x)


  9. devilmamax3 says:

    ur mother ccb

  10. Syafi Hershey says:

    thats c-walk not shuffle -.-

  11. strikeoutman says:

    thats not the shuffle

  12. Robin Monsen says:

    this is one stepping ! not shuffling xD’

  13. smokerjokerbumbah says:

    fucking niggers…just shur ur bloody mouth n try to get a life…..stop
    fking around here..lol..such a lameass….im jz trying to help…n y the
    fuck ur so lame like this?go die noob..

  14. Lol its not shuffle!

  15. Its not shuffle

  16. AngryBear360 says:

    nice shoes :O

  17. invoker692 says:

    the little kid is so awesome..!