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25 Responses to “Shuffle Meet Up 2 [www.risk1710.com/forum]”

  1. rockyy444 says:

    i want that purple sweaterr on 3:02 what dose it say so i can get one cause its fucken sick

  2. Kleverlowks16 says:

    @Oniman11 yeah cause i was thinking it was that one to but i was wrong thanks anyways

  3. Oniman11 says:

    @Kleverlowks16 actullay sorry, i have no idea. different hoodie i was thinking of

  4. Oniman11 says:

    @Kleverlowks16 i think so. thats the white one sacco usually wears

  5. Kleverlowks16 says:

    @Oniman11 does it.?

  6. Oniman11 says:

    @Kleverlowks16 everlast?

  7. Kleverlowks16 says:

    hey what the name of the sweater of sacco or what it says

  8. aznpsylicka says:

    Thumbs up for Shuffling in flip flops ! πŸ˜€ :57

  9. InYourFaceBitch11 says:

    3:05 mini shuffle!!!

  10. HSSJoke says:

    fck yeah HSA SACCO is the best

  11. Boogstrocity says:

    Some of these kids need to return theyre phat pants..cause the got owned by a guy in flip flops..fail?

  12. arbiter03 says:

    0:51- 0:55 epic head banginz!

  13. aidanmcmahon616 says:

    anyone know what the purple/pink hoodie is at like 3:00?

  14. dark1angel9girl92 says:

    good <3
    haha =P
    Sacco is the best <3

  15. Bt2BreakSkn says:

    @fyrsne amen.

  16. Bt2BreakSkn says:

    I can see Sacco in there lol

  17. 1:Southstylers – Pounding Senses
    2:hardstyle masterz-beat diz (technoboy remix)
    3:alpha twins:pump the bass
    4:hardstyle masterz-beat diz (technoboy remix)
    5:dj lady dana -hardstyle god

  18. bradXshuffle says:

    wow anko has the sickest style!

  19. ByRudy95 says:


    Hardstyle Masterz – Beat Diz ( technoboy rmx )
    Dj Lady gana – Hardstyle God

  20. HardStyleAssasins says:

    November 2 Β· 12:00pm – 6:30pm
    Location Federation Square
    Created By
    HardStyle Assasins
    More Info Shuffle Meet Up At Federation Square 12pm On Melbourne Cup Day.. Seeing It Is Not A School Day. Try To Spred The Word PPL!!!!

  21. Dante3hits says:

    0:56 hahahahahah shuffling with sandals!!! AWESOME and pro skill

  22. Dante3hits says:

    0:56 hahahahahah shuffling with sandals!!! AWESOME and pro skill

  23. THCshufflers says:

    niceeeeee πŸ˜€
    like + fav.


  24. cokinhaable says:

    new video : /watch?v=u3819PSJSwo ;*

  25. DR1BLESS says:

    @LuizXxMelbShuffle haha no no no
    the guy before him