A quick rushed edit,this video is comepletely off sync, butchered. But i'll keep it up anyways, was a really fun day. It was so hot our shoes melted, there was a festival event going on, explains the crowds. Didn't get to record everyone since we had to leave early.Thanks Hades for organizing the meetup. Shufflers that attended: Hades Sparky ZeZe Shadow Purple Capsule Tazzi Kritter Anthony Trebel Rebel Boo Boo James Dani Andreezy Jayyy Katastrophik Jeragon George Rawrence PapaChe1f Thomas Da Tub Domeg Blanda
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Hardstyle shuffle tutorial 2011! - BoneZ

im showing you guys what i know! sorry if im not much help =P just follow what im doing and u will get it if you believe in yourself and if you have the personal spirit to do that dance!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Shuffle Meet-Up Seattle[USA] July 26,2009”

  1. andreezynhanumber4 says:

    w0ow es0o es geniall nadie te nivela andreezy te amo0 eres el mej0or

  2. i like how these kids are good but now all there are is a bunch of hipsters shuffling to dubstep wtf happend to pure hardstyle shuffle

  3. 3:48 … She’s so cute T T

  4. Darkfatez117 says:


  5. persikon says:

    Somebody farted at 1:44…

  6. victor11071 says:

    esta bueno

  7. Bornaris says:

    get this thinking of a competition out of your mind, and enjoy dancing in a club all night long !

    shuffling has nothing to do with “who is better” in any way

  8. Hey hey hey
    If you can, watch my new video
    [best Shuffler]
    Teds / RNR

  9. MRhusla1 says:

    i expected the dude in phats to be better shame

  10. im not gonna rest untill one day i can shuffle as good as you andreezy !!

  11. jair1518 says:

    hello brother saudos of Mexico, estan good the videos you hear I let my mail to see if me to you podrias pass some rolas thanks and luck.

  12. I hate seeing people with phats when they ooberly fail at shuffling..

  13. bitchboyplayer says:

    song at 3:33 – 3:46?

  14. TheVortexShuffle says:

    Name First Song ? Plzz

  15. henke9100 says:

    Hey, what’s the absolutely last song?

  16. miniomew says:

    tracklis plz 

  17. jeboy0130 says:

    Not to be rude but the guy in the yellow phat pants sucks really bad.

  18. Speed7Fighter says:

    the guy with pathpants is a fucking noooob xDDD

  19. WhatsKewl says:

    @AASChao Around the space needle and science center. Damn cant believe ive missed this shuffle meet

  20. when is the next one? im headed to seattle to visit family

  21. man i wish there was this many hardstyle shufflers in LA 🙁

  22. Song at 2:40?

  23. thatvideoguy1993 says:

    man i wish this kinda stuff happens in canada lol well atleast where i am lol no1 shuffles but me and i aint that good lol

  24. OoxLILJRxoO says:

    Does anyone know all the song play ?

  25. DollFaceAnastasia says:

    um this actually helped my friend 🙂

  26. YumMyChOcOlAtEcAiK says:

    @yodaduh Instead Of Pulling Up Your Pants So Much You Could Actually Use That Belt. xD Nice Vid Too Im Barely 11 But I Like Dancing.I Know Some Of Jumpstyle/Hardjump/HardStyle 😛

  27. gluidgirl360 says:

    Good Gawdd, Your Not Asian! I Freakiin Luv You, please marry me! lol kbai!

  28. that move that u learned for the t-step is called the “v step” in c-waling :DD

  29. accelerator40 says:

    stop pulling your pants

  30. SuperPortablegaming says:

    love your clothes broo *-* *0*

  31. MrFallout14 says:

    Y make a tutorial on shuffling when their is thousands of other vids on that just skip that and get shuffling

  32. Rickypr18 says:

    Bless you

  33. iamdifferantokaii says:

    Dude you awesome and this helped me a LOT! 😀

  34. GREENPAND4 says:

    your belt fell down..

  35. 1nTr4nceW3Tru5t says:

    Woah wait! What happened to shuffling in phat pantz?!? Now everyone is shuffling in skinnies?? Kids these days! Haha jk ur pretty good nice vid. 🙂

  36. you is le best!!!

  37. KatelynNicole96 says:

    Your a beast -____-“”””” im jealous…..

  38. RamaLiveza says:

    i know ur cute

  39. TheKittyofYami says:

    Oh jees u were about to die in that vid D;

  40. MrWaleedsk says:

    thanx… thats osum

  41. 84941gilde says:

    god bless:P 06:05

  42. 84941gilde says:

    @yodaduh who cares any way:P you wear it meaning you like it.am i wrong?

  43. r4g3killr says:

    lol monster kills XD

  44. @FunnieBuddy yes?

  45. @r4g3killr yea and dont drink a monster before you shuffle, you will have no energy

  46. r4g3killr says:

    quick tip btw NEVER and i mean NEVER shuffle when your stomachs full T-T it sucks

  47. @xTouchxMyxJunk its just a pokeball plushie thing…

  48. xTouchxMyxJunk says:

    anyone notice the pokemon game on the go for dsi on his keychain?

  49. @kawaqHD lean back? and try not too look at ur feet, find a mirror or window to shuffle infront of and look at your feet there..