Shuffle Meetup Part 1 a fun filled day with a very lot of turn up =D This is only a 1 video's still more to come from this day i got alot of footage =PI hope you Enjoy this clip =). This event was brought to you by the sexc shuffle website/forum on the net please visit and register =D Appearances In order of first appearance (written by HR/AnKO): hsV/Jack (Jack_40k) Vinh (VintagE on & host of meet up) HSA/Rocky Hayato (aznayaka) (Mikki: FK YEAH JAPAN) HSK/Mikki HSK/Sacco Andrew HR/AnKO William Jericho HSA/Eddie arghh i forgot his name lol HSA/Eddie vs Daniel (he is in HR now..) HSK/Poita (Peter) Son Mango PHSF/Tercoil (i think) Not sure NHI!! (SHE'S WEARING AnKO's hoodie woooo) HSJ/Sage yHS/Andrew Please Visit Our Website And Sign up
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Shuffle Meetup Part 1”

  1. AnitaGoTakeADump says:

    lol it was pretty cheezy

  2. 5:05 through 5:28 was the worst shuffle battle I have ever seen in hardstyle

  3. they were like one moment talking then suddenly boom booom boom LOLOOLOOL

  4. hiimjesus123 says:

    check out my channel, I’ve been shuffling for almost a year and have been studying Rocky’s style in particular for quite some time.

  5. HardstyleDrifta001 says:

    im alright with TB’s, but when they battle is when they really start 2 piss me off!!!!

  6. sacco is the best!!

  7. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel! 🙂

  8. what’s the song list?

  9. GothSmogg says:

    big dude gets down!

  10. hiimjesus123 says:

    I like how Mikki is just standing there lookin at rocky thinkin “look at this fuckin kid.” lol

  11. tylerkeleman says:

    @hiimjesus123 haha yea it pissis me off lol

  12. hiimjesus123 says:

    @tylerkeleman Dude I feel your pain. I live in Jersey and no one shuffles here. We’re all spread out and whatnot. Hmm, A worldwide shuffle meetup… There’s a thought.

  13. hiimjesus123 says:

    @penguinkiller14 what if i started shuffling the month before LMFAO released party rock?

  14. hiimjesus123 says:

    Can you send me the track list please? I’m a fellow hardstyle shuffler and I need more tunes.

  15. TheProlematic7 says:

    @TotalControler thanks for the tracklist man..!!!

  16. Celine14Shuffler says:

    i love this vid ao awesome =))))

  17. Charmer96able says:

    whats the song at 6:19?

  18. song 5:30

  19. smexyone1 says:

    what’s the first song?

  20. MSBrandonYau says:

    @penguinkiller14 I’m going to shuffle on my Birthday the day we all die, hardstyle till the end of time.

  21. when was that?

  22. kandikidify says:

    Lmfao should die for wat they have done to shuffling xD

  23. 4:40 lol I like mikkiz lil pink hat

  24. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    i am a shuffler. Check my channel! 🙂