Shuffle Meetup @ Seattle[USA] 4/26/09

A quick edit, after all it is a meetup vid, not a compilation. Used some old/new hardstyle and hard trance in the mix, basically trying to emphasize mainly on the bass. Anways, it was an awesome day! Had alot of new shufflers, was glad my buddies could make it. We even had a friend DJ come out with some turntables and lots of speakers. The video will speak for itself XD Featured Shufflers: - Jayyy - Kimchee - Andreezy - DNee (my pro lil cuzzin =) - Anthony ( Aka TrebelRebel) - WolfBane - N-Dru - ZeZe - Eriku - D4N11 - Dennis - Bruce Aka Hadez - JuJu - Kayleena (spell fail in video..sorry.) - Sonic - Purple Capsule - Saan and a bunch loads more but didn't get names.. Featuring DJs: -DJ Morgazm -DJ Kings -DJ Yanni -DJ Hades Note: If you were in the vid/meetup and name wasn't mention tell me so i can add you, too many ppl, LOL.Honors: #25 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style #42 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Australia #16 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - South Korea #88 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Russia #9 - Top Favorited (Today) - Howto & Style #56 - Top Rated (Today) - Howto & Style
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25 Responses to “Shuffle Meetup @ Seattle[USA] 4/26/09”

  1. YamamotoFOODancers says:

    Hahaha, good job dancing!


  2. Darkfatez117 says:

    Kimchee is so funny XD

  3. oXBOXoELITEo says:

    I wish shuffle meets were still tht fun

  4. (“)(^_^)(“) RUSSIAN BEAR SHUFFLE™

  5. No shit …
    That 9:32 looks better than that 9:43 XD

  6. SoundLifted says:

    tip! right click your videos, and click properties then disable resample! 😀

  7. kingdavid09 says:

    Lol the last dude doing TeK.

  8. BonezXXXmadraver says:

    OMFG Anthony looks JUST like Ace,i sence a shuffle battle on its way;)

  9. woot123brandon says:

    WOOHOO GO DANII! your my second fave shuffler ;D

  10. LetsDeathCore says:

    playlist pls :**
    Nice video ♥♥

  11. RedStereoSP says:

    haha Kimchee awesome name :D.

  12. Sonic920andBOOYAH41 says:

    ^ the best.

  13. Sonic920andBOOYAH41 says:

    Dang be a privelege to shuffle with the Great AndrEEZy

  14. SiebenO7 says:

    &dreezy pwnz 😀

  15. sorry there will never be a new Melbourne

  16. BonezXXXmadraver says:

    gr8 shuffle variation,fun tektonik,and the dj had an icp jacket!mmfwcl..gr8 video all in all

  17. stonedkid444 says:

    Awesome Video Guyz!! Lovie it!

    Check it! this is how aussies do it 🙂 watch?v=il_bcmAMk8s

  18. mechakingghidorah92 says:

    songname 6:47 ??? from andrezzy and dnee ?? the best song xD

  19. jjjjorman says:

    looks like malaysian shuffle

  20. song name plz 5:20 !

  21. TheFurySpark says:

    song name 5:20

  22. TheBowlofnoodles says:

    anybody know what the blast song is?
    shexy ass shuffle yo

  23. THEepicdramaqueen says:

    Need. Songlist. T.T

  24. italyboy2009 says:


    Omg 6:45

    Andreezyy KIIIIILLLLSSSSS !!!

  25. PureS0u1 says:

    Classic shuffle meetup.