for all my fans and friends
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Got bored so decided to make a Compilation dam youtube screwed up the sync
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50 Responses to “shuffle mix 6”

  1. enzo60020 says:

    what program do you use to make your movie

    and LOVE IT <'3

  2. SkullOfHardstyle says:

    Come watch my mix pls =)

  3. AkatsukiGirlZoe7 says:


  4. odirlei123pain says:

    Top 10 Melb Shuffle…

  5. odirlei123pain says:



  6. Fajne.Bardzo fajnie się słucha zwłaszcza przy graniu 🙂 Pozytyw.

  7. i0drink0milk says:

    first song owns 🙂

  8. Sadrsplayer says:

    @KayJayDK jumpstyle is an own music style not same that hardstyle. Hardstyle=shuffle..

  9. XDHardstyleFun says:

    tricky dicso i love it 😀

  10. Belvedre420 says:

    i gots all of da songs haha

  11. 090lindsey says:

    FUCK IT UP!!!!! WHOO!!!

  12. madshygum1 says:

    killer shffle

  13. tuneboy sexbusters 7:15!!!
    love this mix!!

  14. NomadXperience says:

    I enjoy listening to your mixes =)

  15. pretty nice taste you got there :))

  16. ExplodingYak says:

    What shit text

  17. davidelvirtuoso90 says:


  18. i loveeeee this!!!
    i love more basssssss!!! yeaaaaaa let’s goooo i love this!!!!

  19. minikakathekakadue says:

    This mix sucks

  20. SliceNiggah says:

    @tastemypixel For which song

  21. tastemypixel says:

    tricky disco headhunterz remix is way better 🙂

  22. its says in the video?

  23. iopghjk001 says:

    there is ahrdstyle and jumpstyle and shuffle music but there all dances aswell

  24. Nice mix! What’s the name of the first song? I totally loved it! 😀

  25. you got it right

  26. TheJalledrengen says:

    what’s the song 3:00 ?

  27. will u put up the song list??

  28. XxPleaseLetUsRavexX says:

    whats the song to Mikki?

  29. KotaruKun91 says:

    go hardcore granny go!

  30. hipnosmaster1 says:

    whats this song of sacco min7:48??

  31. TheProductionStudio1 says:

    not TKC
    but nice compilation

  32. TheProductionStudio1 says:

    i could swear it was CKC Francis

  33. mrloladig says:

    awsome compilation:)

  34. babyhomiechego says:

    I think Moonboy and Francis should have a shuffle battle
    thumbs up if u agree

  35. AZNShuffler911 says:

    @mrloladig its c-knockout artist is hardstyle i think

  36. whats the first song:)

  37. GreenMagic847 says:

    you should put up a track list

  38. @juji550 whats the first song for mikki

  39. @juji550 thanks:)

  40. shufflequeen42 says:

    the third guy suhks and shouldn’t be on this compilation

  41. @mrloladig beatraxx – project well (:

  42. wats the song on 2.20:)

  43. Tomster838 says:

    @barathrumish no problemo

  44. SmartHerSparty says:

    Hardcore Granny ROCKS MY SOCKS….lmao!

  45. SmartHerSparty says:

    Hardcore Granny ROCKS….lmao!

  46. barathrumish says:

    @Tomster838 tnx a lot

  47. MrProcandy says:

    tms francis or moonboy or

  48. what’s the difference between this and running man

  49. hksjose12 says:

    whats the song in 7:00- 7:19

  50. ta re copa2