- INFO - A small collection of hard techno & hardest trance music, used in various MAS shuffle videos, that's all. The video has 10 track previews, enjoy! 😉 - DISCLAIMER - I have nothing to do with any of the music played in this video. I am not the owner or creator of any of the songs and do not take any credit. This video is used for entertainment purposes only and preview listening. If you want the full songs at high quality, please buy the songs from the original authors site or internet music store. Enjoy! - THANKS - Thanks to all the artists who make this awesome music. Special Thanks to all of you who like watching my videos & support me. Good luck! - TAGS - Shuffle Music Collection MAS Part II Hardstyle Hard Techno Hardest Trance DanielThePhoenix Dr. Willis Dark by Design Kidd Kaos Alex Kidd Kamui KloneZ Amber D - VIDEO - Shuffle Music Collection: MAS | Part III SD: www.youtube.com HD: www.youtube.com - CONTACT - YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Videogaga Channel: www.videogaga.lv STEAM: steamcommunity.com Facebook: www.facebook.com E-Mail: DanielThePhoenix@Hotmail.com Skype: DanielThePhoenix one.lv: DanielThePhoenix@one.lv

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